iOS Says Goodbye to Firefox Home

After Google’s Chrome for iOS suddenly exploded on the scene and quickly reached the number one spot on the free iTunes charts, the eye on a mobile OS to challenge Safari has widened. But as Chrome receives updates and Firefox pushes further on Android, Firefox maker Mozilla has never managed to get a full browser onto the App store. But just about 2 years ago, their app “Firefox Home” made it onto the market. It is now being taken down.

As much as Mozilla fans would like to see a Firefox browser on the iPhone and iPad much like Google’s Chrome App, this simply serves as a reinforced message that a fully functional mobile Firefox browser for iOS is very unlikely.

Their Firefox Home App was intended to serve as an extension to the desktop browser. It allowed synchronization between tabs, as well as bookmarks and browsing history.

Mozilla gave a statement saying that Firefox Home was “an experiment in bringing part of the Firefox experience to iOS.” “This project provided valuable insight and experience with the platform, but we have decided to remove Firefox Home from the Apple App Store and focus our resources on other projects,”

The battle for a major browser on iOS may be fruitless as Safari is still the dominant player. With the release of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 in late September, a faster version of Safari is expected, and will further solidify Apple’s grasp on the mobile browser.

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