The iPhone Evolution – iPhone 5 is here

The iPhone Evolution

The new iPhone is here and once again we prepared a chart to show you how much it’s better than its predecessors. You’ve heard it will come with a bigger screen, improved positioning (with inclusion of Glonass), better front-facing camera, support for LTE connectivity and a brand new A6 processor. And while we don’t have A6’s GHz count, we’re pretty confident Apple will make sure everything works as smoothly as possible.

But I said it enough. Here’s the new chart – and, if you need a bigger version, you can get it from here.

The iPhone Evolution

  • Anonymous

    The iPhone Evolution is dinosaurs now 

  • Anonymous

    Just wanted to correct the picture.
    1. The iPhone 4S had GLONASS
    2. Your processor clocks are wrong. The 4S, for instance, is 800MHz dual-core. The 4 is certainly less than 1GHz.
    3. The front camera on the 5 is actually 1.2MP.
    4. Just to neaten it up a bit. You don’t need ‘retina’, it’s just a marketing term. And probably don’t need Apple logo for the processors. Technically the CPUs are all Samsung bases anyway (with Apple mods). Easier to read without the logos.

    • TheDude

      The processors (ARM standard) are not related to Samsung. I know they have a big ‘thing’ going, but really?

      Other than that, yeah. A few fixes wouldn’t hurt.

      • Anonymous

        Well the current processors (CPU, not SoC) are based on Exynos, which is designed by Samsung. Apple made a few mods to the design. The previous processors (eg. 3GS and earlier) were 100% off the shelf Samsung.

  • Tcmerge

    You should add a row for battery life. 

  • Does not sound or appear impressive, and with the corrections below, seems to be just another product with brilliant marketing and not much else

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