Amazon in-app purchases to include physical goods

Amazon in-app purchases to include physical goods

Some apps downloaded from the Amazon Appstore will soon allow users to purchase physical goods without leaving the application or game. Developers interested to take advantage of this capability will simply insert few lines into their creations and eventually get more cash from their apps. On the other hand, this feature could be the differentiating factor online retailer needs to make its service stand out from the default option on Android – Google Play.

And they already have the first partner to test it out. It’s Activision, which will be selling toys inside its popular children’s game – Skylanders. The mentioned game connects toys to the game through the so called “portal” that can be plugged into a videogame console. Once a Skylanders toy is placed on the portal, the character transports into the game and comes to life on the screen.

Through Skylanders Cloud Patrol, Activision will allow players to unlock a digital version of a toy, once he/she purchased it from the application. The physical toy will show up in the mail a couple of days later… Talk about merging digital and physical worlds. 😉

[Via: AllThingsD]

  • That is actually really killer.

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