Can’t wait for iOS 6? Here’s how you can get it

The world held its breath yesterday as Tim Cook went on stage to announce the iPhone 5. He along with other Apple execs talked and showed off many things we’ve already known. During the announcement we learned that all iPhone users will get their fix of iOS 6 Wednesday September 19. Well, for those of you out there who can’t wait for next Wednesday, the folks over at LifeHacker have a remedy for you.

The site posted directions on how iOS 6 can be obtained early. Of course, this isn’t the official over the air version that will go out next week, but the site assures people that the developer “Golden Master” version is damn near identical.

First you’re advised to backup your iPhone before you go forward with anything else. I mean, backing up your device makes perfect sense, as it’s the proper way to protect yourself from potentially losing all of your data. Then once you complete that step you can go into downloading the actual developer Golden Master edition from a slew of public files that’s provided down below:

The iOS 6 update may require a later version of iTunes than you have installed. Update your copy before moving on. Then proceed with the following installation instructions:

Install the Update

To install iOS 6 on your device, follow these instructions:

  1. Open up the disk image (.dmg) and find the iPhone Software Update file (.ipsw) for your device. Drag it to the desktop, or a folder of your choosing. (Windows users will need a tool like 7-Zip to do this, and will need to open the .hfs inside the .dmg as well.)
  2. Open iTunes and connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, to your computer.
  3. If your device isn’t automatically selected in iTunes, select it and go to the “Summary” tab.
  4. Hold down the option key (OS X) or the shift key (Windows) and click the Restore button. Browse to the .ipsw file you downloaded, select it, and wait for the update to finish.
  5. If necessary, restore your device from backup and sync with iTunes.

And viola! According to these steps, you should be up and running iOS 6 in no time. Remember, take caution before you do anything to your phone, as we’re not responsible for any potential screw ups. If you need more in depth detail, hit up the source link below.

[via LifeHacker]

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