Motorola Lapdock goes to history; Available for $50 at Verizon stores

Motorola Lapdock goes to history

It’s sad that not enough people dig the Motorola Lapdock, which effectively transforms select Moto smartphones into laptop computers. The problem could be found in the fact that this accessory works with a limited number of devices, Atrix HD not being one of them. We always liked the concept and were eagerly waiting for other handset makers (or third-party accessory manufacturers) to release something similar that would support more Android smartphone. Let’s face it – that’s the future of computing with smartphone sitting at the center of the universe.

Anyway, if you still like the Lapdock and also have a compatible device, you may want to grab it now when it’s available for $50. Unfortunately, this isn’t an online deal and you’ll rather have to visit a local Verizon store to take advantage of the offer. The way I see it, it’s hard to spend 50 bucks on a more useful accessory. Just think of additional portability you’ll get. Love it! 😉

[Via: phandroid]

  • christian jorquera

    appeared to be an excellent offer but no verizon store has it available ? “in this case offer a product without”

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