Walmart to start iPhone 5 pre-orders on September 14th at 8 am

According to a report in Bloomberg, Walmart will join Apple and the wireless carriers in selling the iPhone 5 on a pre-order basis. Pre-orders with the retailer will start at 8 am at US stores and the iPhone will be available to pick up in stores on Friday, September 21st.

Walmart is one-upping the competition on price by offering the iPhone 5 for $189.97 with a two-year contract. This is $10 less than the $199 price tag announced by Apple and the wireless carriers including Verizon Wireless, Sprint and AT&T. Walmart also reduced the price on the iPhone 4S, which will sell for $89, and the iPhone 4 ,which will retail for an almost free 97-cents with a two-year contract.

[Via Bloomberg]

  • Im pretty sure in the UK, when the iPhone 4 came out, the phone companies (and anyone else who were selling the iPhone) had to sell the phone at a set price for the contract. Either Apple has decided not to enforce this, this is different in the USA…or the phone carries were lying!

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