Virgin Mobile Canada unveils “Smartphone 73 – 6GB” plan

Virgin Mobile Canada unveils Smartphone 73 - 6GB plan

Virgin Mobile Canada has a new plan for data hungry users, offering up to 6GB of data per month for $73. In addition, the new “Smartphone 73 – 6GB” plan also packs 200 Anytime Minutes; Weekends & Evenings starting at 6PM; Unlimited Canada, U.S. & International Text & Picture Messaging; and Unlimited Canada-Wide Talk & Text to 10 Buddies.

The plan will be available “until store close on September 30th” and is described as “ALMOST too hot to handle.”

We dig the idea that data hungry users will love it, but you need to determine your needs first. The chances are you don’t need that much data unless you’re video talking and watching videos all day long. Most of us fit in the “gig per month” bracket, maybe even less than that. What do you think?

[Via: MobileSyrup]

  • For 2 months I had a 100MB data plan, but then downgraded to a talk and text plan with data add on, and now I’m paying less than I originally was for 300MB. As a student, our high school has wifi, my house and all my friends places have wifi… The only place in use data is work (they have it, but apparently not for employees – its a grocery store)

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