Google and Apple will take 98 percent of the mobile market this year, says Analyst

When it comes to dominance in the mobile phone arena, there’s no secret that both Google and Apple run things. The mobile phone market has been completely blanketed by Android devices and iPhones, which makes it only two viable choices for consumers to go to at the moment. Now there are bold estimates coming out suggesting that both companies will completely take over the market for the remainder of 2012.

If you combine both Google and Apple, the companies will capture 98 percent of the worldwide mobile market by the end of this year, according to Analyst Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research. Indeed, this is a staggering number, one which puts Research In Motion (BlackBerry) and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 in complete irrelevancy.

In an interview with eWeek’s Todd Weiss, Trip Chowdhry said “There will not be any third spot left,” when talking about the mobile market food chain. “Nokia, Microsoft and RIM [Research In Motion] will struggle in the remaining 2 percent of the market.” This proclamation is a very grim one, as it says that the world is becoming a place that predominantly runs only two mobile operating systems. How boring. Chowdhry came up with this prediction based on chatting with 15 different iOS and Android developers, which in itself seems a bit skewed.

Seriously, no one thinks that Windows Phone 8 devices will be so irrelevant that they will drop to a two percent or less clip. There are some folks out there who are genuinely excited about the next generation of Windows powered handsets, so to say this guy’s numbers are grossly over aggressive is an understatement.

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  • “The 98 percent estimate comes from interviews with 15 iOS and Android
    developers at several mobile technology conferences, said Global
    Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry.” 


    US bias? Smartphone bias? Even if there was some serious quantitative research behind this, there would still need to be far more context provide than one sensationalist heading.

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