iPhone 5 is a flop! Apple is doomed! Oh wait, it’s the most successful iPhone yet

The cycle begins again. Apple announces a new iPhone, it’s hailed as a huge disappointment and is doomed to fail, then it breaks sales records and all the complaints — save for a few — slowly dwindle away. Aren’t we all getting a little tired of hearing the same thing every year?

Last year the iPhone 4S came out and the initial reaction was that it’s a flop. Apple kept the design, made the phone twice as fast, improved the camera, added Siri, and called it a day. No one would buy this piece of crap. I even know a Best Buy employee who I talked to about this and he said the day of the announcement that no one is going to stand in line for this; Apple failed and everybody is going to buy a Samsung Galaxy S II. There’s only one problem with this recurring theory: everyone does end up standing in line for it.

A day after the iPhone 4S announcement, Steve Jobs passed away. Whether you loved or hated Apple, you honored the man for changing the world so dramatically in such a short amount of time. Then once all the emotions faded, as morally wrong as this is, people started saying that the only reason the iPhone 4S was so popular was because of Steve Jobs’ death and that Apple was milking it to its advantage.

So what’s the excuse this year for what’s being called “just a bigger iPhone 4S?” Let me update you on the stats. Apple announced this morning that it broke sales records with the iPhone 5 by selling two million pre-order units in 24 hours, which is over double the amount of iPhone 4S units it sold in the same time period last year. Also, the iPhone 5 officially goes on sale this Friday, September 21st, and folks already started camping outside of Apple retail stores over a week before its release.

If I were to make a bet, this year the golden excuse would be because Apple’s iSheep are staying loyal as usual. Yes that’s exactly right. I’d rather spend my money on a crappy product for a company I love that doesn’t even know I exist as a human being than spend my money on the absolute star-quality Samsung Galaxy S III. Have I mentioned Android is open?

Here’s a thought: maybe the iPhone 5 doesn’t actually suck. If it did, two million people wouldn’t have pre-ordered it in 24 hours. You can try and spin that in any way you want by throwing in the famous fanboy accusations, but strip away all the bias and opinions and what do you have left? Facts. Two million in 24 hours. I find it hard to believe that all those people bought the iPhone 5 just because they think Apple is a god.

Admittedly, Apple has built up a loyal following and that’s why a good portion of its customers are willing to trust that it makes good products. Consumers’ trust in a company to make good products can only stem from a company making good products. Samsung is beginning to round up quite a few Samsungians of its own. Why is that? Because the Galaxy S III (to pick out one of its phones) is a good product. I can sit here and type all the reasons why I personally feel my iPhone is better, but that’s my opinion and that certainly doesn’t prove that the Galaxy S III is factually inferior. On the other hand, no one can prove with their own opinions that it’s superior either.

I honestly think people just want to see Apple fail because it’s a neat little story to tell when the most successful company in the world is flawed. You can call me biased or a fanboy all you want, but that’s most likely because you’re either biased toward something else or deliberately against Apple yourself — ergo, it takes one to know one. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t get enjoyment out of seeing a company fail.

Of course everything big does inevitably come crashing down, but the chances of predicting when that will happen based on a single product release that only some have generated negative opinions on are slim to none. Judging by the latest sales numbers for the iPhone 5, Apple has a long way to go before its demise.

I wrote up a few days ago about how I’m underwhelmed by the iPhone 5 and I stick by that because it doesn’t seem to have a single “killer” feature this time around. What I never did was call it a flop, say it wouldn’t sell, or admit defeat to the flagship device of a company that has to pay over $1 billion in damages to Apple. Add up all the new features, however, and you have yourself a damn good phone. Whether it’s the best phone on the market is a subjective stance for each smartphone buyer.

The fact of the matter is the iPhone 5 isn’t a flop nor is it a disappointment. If you truly are disappointed with it, fine, there’s a shiny Galaxy S III waiting for you in your local carrier store. Otherwise, numbers didn’t lie in 2010 with the iPhone 4, in 2011 with the iPhone 4S, and they pretty clearly speak for themselves with the iPhone 5 this year.

  • your Father

    couldnt have said it better myself

  • iShepard

    Of course, words from iSheep that doesn’t understand the market, lol

    • Anonymous

      Of course, words from iTroll that doesn’t understand the article

  • Divinus FiliuS

    Mr. George Tinari,
    I find your piece seriously under thought and very narrow in perspective. 
    Apple is a celebrity, like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys. they all make shitty albums that sell in millions – that doesn’t make it music, in fact it makes me wanna ram spoons into my ears and loose a lot of blood. to be fair, they dont even write the lyrics, let alone notes! Apple buys all its parts as well bit that’s not even the point. 
    But that it is a star is my point, and there’s a certain BLINDNESS when it comes to fanaticism, or false ego sickness. I am not unefected, I think Michael Jackson is still way more modern than all the krap on the radio today. 
    There absolutely is room for Apple and more such celebrities in this world, there are almost 8 billion people to persuade excluding the starving and well 70% of that global number who’s main and only occupation is agreculture, with their bare hands! still, few billion people left to persuade.
    Android is a true global movement, not a fad. its a collective effort of thousands of years of collective man effort that is constantly evolving, there is no finished Android version, there never will be. 
    I still fear for Apple despite the numbers of Swoosh, and Yeeyy iPhone – sales, because they could slow down really fast after the innitial wave of fanatics. Closing to 80% of global smartphone market dominated by Android users and abusers, watches what apple has come up with and goes, mehh. A lot of low end Droid users might be persuaded due bad experience with some of the krapy hardware, but it seems the whole army of Android manufacturers are quickly leaning towards be-all-high-end. As a professional that I’m not, but learned and all nerded -out as I am, I am FRIKING SAD for iPhone, I want it to be pushing innovation again, we Droiders need it, we are all a community benefitting eachother, whether you like it or not Apple,…Mr. Notification bar snatcher! But, Android is evolving faster than light, because it trully is a global effort of ions of man years, all of it focused on a 4+ inch piece of glass.
    Thanks for your time,

    best regards!

    • There’s one fatal flaw in your comment. Giving some example artists and saying  “they all make shitty albums that sell in millions” is an opinion of your own, not a fact. Just like an Android lover might say Apple makes a shitty phone that sells in millions. If millions of people are buying it, then that means millions of people are enjoying it. Describing a product as factually good or factually bad is impossible.

      • TB

        You’re just an apple fanboy. It’s disgusting , why don’t you do a nice spec comparison between the oh so hated S3 and iPhone 5? Let’s FACTUALLY see which is which.


      • Divinus FiliuS

        If you can hear it, it doesn’t mean its music. You are not very educated.

    • Tracy

      First of all, since when did the so-called “tech-savy” people the majority and determining factor in gauzing whether a phone is good or bad??? Android or whatever else is revolutionary is great. But since when did everyone on the market agree that technology counts for everything. People buy iphones because they like it…that’s the bottom line. They have much more considerations, some practical, some technical, some aesthetic, some just plain because of the appeal. It’s simply nerdy to focus on one aspect and insist that aspect is most important. The people decide what they like. I tell you what. I hate pop music and I don’t like things that are mainstream either. But if I were to be objective, I have to use something and decide for myself whether it’s nice. Just because someone is popular doesn’t make them good. But it doesn’t make them bad either. You can’t slam another product because you the other is good. It’s just reactionary.

      That’s the thing about America. Everybody is so polarized about everything. You have to be republican or liberal. You have to hate iphone or love it to death. You have to be hipster or a hipster hater. You are either mainstream or completely anti-mainstream. I agree some issues are that way. But seriously, isn’t that just kinda of too self-absorbed and immature? I, for one, am against abortion but do not feel we need to be armed either. I find the iphone very useful and comfortable and well-designed, but I will never say it’s better than others phones I didn’t use. I don’t need to be a fanboy to use it. But after years of using both Apple and non Apple products, I can tell you it is a brand I trust despite whether people are too crazy about it or against it.

      My point is, if you have a good product, sell it. Why is there a need to go slam others? If your product is good, people will find out. Its quality and design and technology, if found to be meeting needs, will stand on their own. Why keep attacking others?

      If I am a runner in a race, all I need to do is run. I don’t need to talk crap about others in the race. Isn’t that basic?

  • Anonymous

    George, I commend you on your article. It seems that it’s now become fashionable to bash any phone that is not android – particularly the iPhone. Despite the record sales volumes people just don’t want to give credit where credit is due. The iPhone 5 is a great phone. And anytime anyone writes something positive about it, a flood of crazy fanboys start posting nonsense. And I can say this because I own an Android tablet and an Apple iPhone. Both are great platforms and I am proud to have both products.

  • Elie Sokhen

    just to know one thing, the phone is selling of course but in time you will notice that the attention it used to have
    btw haven’t we seen this year a 9 month difference between 4S and 5 release while 4 Lasted a full 11 month?dow
    haven’t 4s Sales got to the bottom in front of all competitor?
    doesn’t  this show to you that apple felt the heat and released a so called 5 by doing nothing
    just wake up you guys and skip the headlines and go deeper
    if what i mention doesn’t ring a bell for you, then i’ll guess you’re just like those apple fans who do not care except for the prestige

    • There’s an 11 month gap between the 4S and 5, not 9.

  • Stephen Gallaher

    No doubt iPhone 5 is a fantastic piece of technology.  It is well engineered, nicely built, and aesthetically pleasing (as all iPhones have been).  Those who purchase one will more than likely be happy with it.  It will sell in the millions deservedly.  That said, iPhone 5 hasn’t upped the ante in the smartphone poker game.  There just is nothing that blows the competition away… nothing bleeding edge in the hardware.  It’s better than the previous versions of iPhone, but it is just on par with the competition (and sub-par in some categories).  Is iPhone 5 the high-water mark of the iPhone dominance?

  • CM

    I have heard that the battery life in the 5 is a lot less. is that true?  Some have said that it is less than half as strong as the 4. plus now they have changed a port so I can’t use the same hardware attachments as before, I don’t know much but if these things are true, then  whats so great?

    • Battery life is improved from the 4S, and yes they changed the Lightning connector port at the bottom from the 30-pin. The iPhone 5 hasn’t even come out yet so I’m not sure who your sources are.

      • Bmulis87

        Battery life that Apple is reporting is better then the 4s, but not much. As I mentioned in my comment above, they report 8 hours continues talk time on 3G. They claim similar hours on 4G, but if we use all the 4G phones our there as an example, 4G is typically a battery drainer. I would suspect 6 hours or so more realistic on 4G. As I also noted above, these numbers are subpar by todays standards with phones out there like the droid razr maxx that boasts 21 hrs continues talk time…

  • All Father

    Who cares?  Its a flippin phone that only has an 11 month life span.

  • iGio

    The only problem with Apple is that they only sell top-notch phones. If you think of it, why do you need an iPhone? Why do you need a Galaxy SIII? Very few people actually need a 1.5 Ghz dual core or quad core processor and stuff like that! It’s not about features, it’s all about marketing, pure and simple! Very few people care if the iPhone 5 has a A6 or A5 chipset or whatever, they’ll buy it anyway!
    Probably about 99% of the people holding an iPhone or a Galaxy SIII will only use their cpu and gpu to full potential when playing a very demanding 3D game, but most pelople are happy with things like angry birds and cut the rope! Then they use Facebook and read e-mails and use Skype and make phone calls! You can do all that with a 100$ android phone (including angry birds and cut the rope).I don’t think there should be a battle between iOS and Android. iOS only runs on top phones with top features that apple makes people believe they need! If you need a super processor and an 8MP camera and other stuff like this, then you have to choose between top-notch phones and you may consider an iPhone, but you are an exception! Who needs an 8MP camera in their phone?! To print their photos in gigantic wallpapers for decoration?I have a Samsung Galaxy Gio with a 3MP camera and an 800 Mhz processor that cost me less than $100 and I can do all that most people do with their iPhones and Galaxy SIII. I can put in a 32 Gb micro sd card to store everything I want, I can play angry birds and fruit ninja and even some more demanding 3d games without any lag, I can use skype, I can read e-mails, answer phone calls, have stupid apps that let you blow out virtual candles or drink iBeers and stuff, post photos on instagram and facebook with more than enough quality… And I can have an internet browser with flash support! If I prefer the iOS user interface I can just change the UI to make it look and behave just like iOS, or I can use just the “slide to unlock” thing if I prefer, or use a different UI every week.

    So, my point is, there’s no need to compare lists of features and say that Apple is better than sony/samsung/htc/asus/etc. The large majority of people don’t care about that and will only ever use a small percentage of the capabilities inside the amazing piece of machinery they bought. They will buy an iPhone because it’s an iPhone, period. If you can get a top phone for free or with a special contract that makes it really cheap, go for it! Otherwise, buy a nice looking low-end android phone and you will do everything you want just as smoothly.

    • Bmulis87

      There are some ppl like myself that use my phone for capturing pictures and video. I joined the smartphone world last year. I had a pretty old digital camera and decided to sell it, but instead of buying a new one I decided to get a smartphone instead. An 8MP is perfect for what I need and I saved money by buying a smartphone instead of a new camera. In many ways I got 2 for 1 so to speak. 

      And Processor speed does matter to a lot of smartphone users. If you do multitasking on your phone the processor can make a big difference in the phones speed and ability to switch between applications. Granted there probably are many people that don’t take full advantage of what their phones can do, but I would argue that there are a lot more people that tap into their phones capabilities then you think!

      • iGio

        Of course some people like you need a better camera on their phone, or need to have great processing power. Those are the people that need to look at the top of the charts in terms of what the market has to offer.

        I was exaggerating of course when I said 99% of the people don’t care. But I can guess that the percentage is probably very high. I was able to multitask when I had an 800MHz desktop PC. My cheapo 800Mhz phone is able to meet my multitasking needs, so I am happy with it. My point was that not many people search for what the market has to offer to meet their needs. It’s like everyone is stuck in a traffic jam driving race cars.

        I am also into photography, but I use a low end cheap 10MP DSLR camera that does the job perfectly, If I want to play more demanding games I use my PS3. Of course you can argue that a top phone is all this in one. Well… it is in terms of the tasks it performs, but I can also fix a problem with a pipe but probably not as well as a plumber would…

        My point being: apple sells top performance to everyone, when most of the 999 trillion people that will buy the iPhone5 don’t need it. Of course it suits everyone, because I can also play pacman on my PS3 or shoot full auto with my DSLR, but that just means I wasted my money. 🙂

        I don’t know why things like an iPhone 5 can be disappointing for so many people. I think phone technology is ahead of its time in terms of what most people are used to doing with a phone. It’s not like a lot of people are disappointed because the iPhone 5 or a top android phone won’t let them do something they wanted to do. Most of the time I think it’s the idea of the technology that’s inside it and not what it actually does (of course this is not the case for everyone).

        Some things like having flash compatibility, or battery life, or a scratch proof glass, or a better camera or video recording can make a difference to some people, of course, but you can get that without spending much more in a thing that comes with a lot of other top features you don’t need.

        • Bmulis87

          I agree with everything you have said except for why you don’t see how the iphone 5 is disappointing. I covered it in my comment on the article in some detail above. I use to be an apple fan, and for good reason. They do make good products, but every iphone is always marketed as being the next best thing! 

          This was no different with the iphone 5. Do I not agree the iphone 5 is the best thing apple has come up with?… yes. Is it leaps a bounds better then the 4s(not that the 4s was that spectacular to begin with if we are honest)?… yes. but did it live up to the hype?… no. This is why it is a disappointment. 

          Apple is known for and markets themselves as being “innovators”. They claimed that the iphone 5 is “revolutionary”, but the sad truth of the matter is it was merely “evolutionary”. Everything new in the iphone 5 has already been around for some time. The OS is still boring as ever. When is apple going to create more customization to their homescreens… something like widgets that android has going for them. I don’t have any desire to have my app drawer essentially on my homescreen. The phone is still as fragile as ever… One drop on that “larger” glass screen and you are toast. They claim it is the “thinnest 4G smartphone” (which is a lie and false advertisement), but even if it was we ALL know that consumers are going to buy those big otter-box cases to protect their fragile investment, thus the size and weight of the phone doesn’t even matter.

          Also, for the same price if not a little cheaper than an iphone you can get a phone that is faster, has a bigger screen, better screen, scratch resistant screen! You can get  NFC capabilities, much better battery life, better overall phone durability, google now (hands down better and faster then siri), google maps (best nav app out there… also free), access to youtube, hdmi capable, better Bluetooth capabilities, etc. 

          Point here is apple has made a good phone… Their best phone up to date hands down. They have made a high quality product for top end users… BUT it is nothing new, nothing innovative or revolutionary. And to be frank, there are better options out there for the same price if not less that gives you all the features of the iphone plus more…. and you can’t argue this. Period!

          • iGio

            And I agree with everything you say when you disagree with me. 🙂 We are basically saying the same thing, but I was just referring to (a lot of) people that have a 4S and use it to check facebook, e-mails, make phone calls and play angry birds. If they say “oh the iPhone 5 is so disappointing” it’s like they thought it would unleash a whole new world of possibilities that they can’t achieve with the phone they have.

            As I was saying, it can be disappointing if you like to use your phone to full potential. When I said “I don’t know why things like an iPhone 5 can be disappointing for so many people.”, I meant it can (and should) be disappointing for a minority of people that know and care about the specs because they matter to them.

            I personally don’t like the whole apple thing because I like freedom and customization, as you said. Apple makes everything easier for you if you have iPhone and iTunes and iPad and MacBook and iTV and iCoffee machine and iToilet. Everything is formatted with that iOS look. Changing that would probably be the “revolution” they need!
            With my cheap samsung phone with gingerbread I can have an iOS UI if I prefer, with the htc unlock screen. I replaced the stock camera with another one with much more features, I replaced the stock music player with one that I prefer, and then I can go and sync everything with my toshiba laptop through google and then I can plug a usb cable into a desktop PC at home and put the phone in mass storage mode just to listen to my music collection in windows media player or whatever is installed there. 🙂 And I like samsung for giving me that freedom. Maybe I won’t buy everything samsung, but that just gives them a motivation to improve. I can experience android in a lot of brands and models, so I have to go and check the specs and choose the one that gives me what I need. Apple just says “here is your new phone” and all iPhone fans go and pre-order because they blindly trust everything apple does. That is probably not much of a motivation to do ground-breaking stuff.

            I just don’t understand why a lot of people spend money on an iPhone 4 to use facebook, then they feel the need to buy an iPhone 4S to use facebook, then they say iPhone 5 is such a disappointment. 🙂

          • Divinus FiliuS

            We need to stop being retarded and stop giving billions to a scary dictator like apple that will use it all to destroy competition it fears, while using all old parts in their hardware they purchased super cheap, to salvage as much $ as possible. Imbeciles are giving them this crazy momentum, people stabbing and bleeding one another in Japan and elsewhere to get their iPhone first. i am disgusted.

  • Bmulis87

    You have missed the point of the disappointment behind the new iphone 5. It is not a horrible phone with a fatal flaw… it is just a disappointment. Apple has such a fan base that they are going to sell big numbers no matter what…. it is still leaps and bounds better then the 4s. BUT for the first time ever the 4s was not the number one selling smartphone… the droid razr maxx was according to this last calendar years figures.

    The thing here is apple claimed the phone to be revolutionary. They say they are the innovators, but the iphone 5 was nothing new. 4G (finally, 2 years after it has been out), no NFC (bothers some ppl, and some pple don’t care), a bigger screen but yet only 4 in (really???), still not taking advantage of cornering gorilla glass (big factor for me, one drop and your iphone screen is toast and their is a HUGE difference between regular screens and gorilla glass in regards to durability), false advertising on apples end claiming the iphone 5 to be the worlds smallest 4G smartphone (HAHAHA over the razr, funny thing is there are 2 phones out there ever smaller then the razr! What a joke), 8 hours continues talk time over 3G on the iphone 5 battery (that sucks compared to other smartphones on the market), must I really continue?

    Nothing about the phone was revolutionary… as a publisher put and I think he put it best. The iphone 5 is nothing more but revolutionary. They will sell record sales, BUT with what else is out on the market they will be overtaken in a short amount of time. By the end of the year most high end droids will have Jelly Bean and google now which processes results 3 times faster then siri (one of iphones main features) not to mention all of the extras android phones have. Android is the one creating revolutionary phones and displaying their innovation. 

    Apple can only false advertise and market themselves as the best for so long… It will take time for people to realize they are behind the game. It won’t happen immediately, but it will happen and  this is just the start. Iphone 5 to me isn’t a “bad” phone, it is just an utter disappointment. 

    • Bmulis87

      I meant to put the iphone 5 was nothing more but “evolutionary” when talking about what the publisher said about it. My mistake.


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  • Jameskhan

    Beacuse most people, as statistics show, just buy an Iphone as a status symbol. Most tech savvy people will be found purchasing eleswhere. I mean what kind of company sells high end tech but doesn’t tell anyone the actual specs of their product! 2 million people have just ordered something that they don’t know what it is!   

    • iGio

      Exactly. You can know the specs, but most people don’t care.

  • Lancia_b

    Galaxy Note 2 will be the IPhone killer. It’s the best out there. 

  • Derekr05

    People will buy anything, as long as they think it is cool.. I just saw someone practically giggly because the new iphone/ios has panorama shot on the camera, ….I’ve had that for years now.. It’s utterly ridiculous.. Any feature on this new phone has been around in Android for a long time now.

  • Anonymous

    Good article. Why do people stand in line for a phone before the specs even come out?  Simple – TRUST! My first computer 20 years ago was a Mac.  It worked perfectly but I wanted something that was compatible with apps from work. So I switched to a PC.  Have used a PC with Blue Screens and all Microsofts issues, crappy OS releases for the last 20 years.   Switched to a IMac six months ago.  Runs perfect.  Everything just works how it should. Purchased my first tablet a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 over a year ago.   Lag issues, camera issues.   Got a new IPad as a gift.   Everything just works perfectly.  MY Galaxy Tab gathers dust.  The IPad is used for ton of things.   Why? Because it works like it should!   Currently have an Android HTC phone.   Android OS updates suck, no more updates as it no longer supported in barely two years, lag issues, et. After having used numerous operating systems and hardware the simple reason people stand in line and support Apple products is simply TRUST.  Can you say the same about Microsoft?   I tried their Windows 8 OS on one of my computers and it is horrible.   Is it me or does the Windows 8 phone look like something Fisher Price would make.  I would never stand in line but can’t wait to round out my Apple products with the IPhone 5.   I don’t have to hack it like I did my Android phone to get it to work the way I want and there are more apps for anything and everything that will work with Apple’s latest OS on both my IPad and IPhone.  After having two Samsung TV’s  and the Galaxy Tablet, Samsung’s support of product updates and running the latest software stinks. I could never get a straight answer from Samsung if and when I would get updated to ICS let alone Android’s Jellybean.   So, with that said I have converted to all Apple products in the last year.  Why…because I know they will work the way they are supposed to and I trust that when they come out with something new that it will work and be fun to use.  I have spent more time on other operating systems and hardware researching how to fix issues.  With Apple you can actually just enjoy the products and save yourself time from trying to fix or hack to having fun and getting things done.  Yes, they have had their share of some glitches as well but they are usually quickly resolved and 2 million people buying an Iphone within 24 hours proves 1 thing. That people are not sheep but that Apple has built a loyal following of fans who know their products are worthy of their trust and their cash.  I have converted to Apple and don’t plan to loo back anytime soon.  They have won me over after all these years of using other products because they just work better.   So get a Galaxy Phone and hope you will get updates from Samsung and enjoy that plastic casing….buy the Windows 8 phone that still seems to be a mystery and looks like something for children 6 and under.   In four month I will have completed my Apple conversion and have never ever been happier with my Computer, Tablet and soon Phone!

  • Joe Kelevra

    Since when, the fact that a multitude is doing something, is a proof of Reason ?

  • Younameit

    1. The amount of preordering does not prove anything since they couldn’t try the iphone 5 before buying it. 2. Numbers are used in marketing to make you feel the need to be part of it. If i tell you 2 million people bought shit in a box yesterday, you’ll probably be willing to do so too. Mass control has been used by brands for decades and apple is a master at this game.

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