Debunked: Samsung Galaxy S IV not coming to MWC

Whispers of a Samsung Galaxy S IV launching at Mobile World Congress in February 2013 swept across the internet yesterday based on a Korea Times report. The Times allegedly spoke with someone from Samsung who suggested a February announcement for the follow-up to the Galaxy S III, which has sold some 10 million units thus far. The last Galaxy S devices were announced between February and May, so the timeline seemed to add up, though Samsung’s Samsung Tomorrow Twitter account has stated that the rumor is simply untrue.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t see the Galaxy S IV unveiled in early 2013, but simply that no plans have yet been made. We expect Samsung to announce the Galaxy S IV sometime in the first half of 2013, with the device set to go on sale in the summer sometime to coincide with previous launches.

[via Sammy Hub, Twitter]

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