AT&T may have screwed up your iPhone 5 pre-order

Leave it to AT&T to somehow manage to tarnish its reputation even further. If you were like me and plenty of other people, on Thursday night before iPhone 5 pre-orders went on sale, you stayed up until 3 a.m. in the morning on the east coast (or midnight on the west) to be one of the first to pre-order Apple’s newest handset and ensure that you will have yours delivered on Friday, September 21st, the day the phone is officially made available. According to one AT&T representative — get this — because we ordered it so early, it may ship later.

Sebastien Page of iDownloadBlog said that because Apple’s website wasn’t working in the wee hours of the morning because of high traffic, he decided to go to AT&T’s website to pre-order instead. Now he found out that his decision may have bit him in the ass. “According to the woman I spoke to, some orders placed on AT&T’s website before 9am on Friday won’t ship until September 21st. That means that those orders will ship on or after September 21st,” he writes.

Page is understandably furious as I would be. It seems as of now that this issue is only affecting people who ordered their iPhone 5 through AT&T’s website. I pre-ordered mine on at around 3:05 a.m. eastern or so. My order status still says “preparing for shipment” though I was able to find that the expected delivery date for mine is still this Friday once I checked UPS tracking with a reference number, so I’m hoping that’s when I receive it.

If you are one of the unfortunate people who ordered through AT&T’s website in the morning, I truly feel for you right now. There is some hope though — Page says sometimes representatives don’t know what the hell they’re talking about, so the issue might only affect some. Leave a comment below if you’re having a similar experience.

[via iDownloadBlog]

  • It is what it is …. suck it up its not the end of the world …

    • F off Carlos

      F#ck off Carlos.  No one said it was the end of the world.  When we pay for something in advance, we expect to get it when we’re told.  To find out otherwise is beyond frustrating, especially given the cost of this product and our reliance on its service.  If you did not want to read about people’s experience with this issue, then you should go somewhere else.  Otherwise, shut the f*ck up.

      • Junkw

         Seriously, chill.  If you get this worked up over a phone I’d hate to see what happens when something actually bad happens to you.

        • F off Carlos

          I’m not that worked up.  It’s people like you and Carlos that come here to an open forum and expect people not to share their stories, when that’s the entire point of the article and comments section.  Then you have the audacity to tell them not to.

    • Warren McAllister


  • It’s not fair!!Why the make a preorder in a first place???

  • Guest

    Apple is also pushing back ship dates for the iphone 5. it’s not just AT&T

  • Tyante Morrow

    wow i caint belive that

  • OrangCntySR

    This is not true for me, I have tracking numbers for both mine and my daughters White 64GB iphones. I ordered both of them as upgrades to ouur AT&T account at 3 AM on 9/14, good luck to all hope mine phones that are being shipped today are not the exception. 

  • Bart

    This is why I don’t believe or get worked up over 90% of the things I read. I had my confirmation email at 3:01 AM and my phone is shipped and will be here tomorrow morning.

  • OrangCntySR

    As I stated in my prior post both of my iphone 5s will also be delivered tommorow before 3 PM. As a matter of fact one is already at the local Fedex depot awaiting placement on the delivery trunk for tommorow, the other was picked up at Forth Worth and on a plane and will go on the same truck tonight for tommorow’s delivery,  good luck to all! 

    • Cbharry8

      no one cares

  • Anonymous

    Jesus, get a life. So it’s going to be a day or two late. Boo-fing-hoo. If that’s something that’s a major concern in your life, you have much bigger problems than a silly phone being late.

    • Dfmslkm

      Actually, for a lot of us the phone will be a few WEEKS late! So it is a big deal! 

    • Axp77

      lol actually if thats the only major concern for us then i think thats a great life lol. That we dont have any major problems that this is the only thing that is bad going on in our lives. haha…jealous much!

    • Michael thinks AT&T Sucks

      How superior of you…  You must be an amazing person to take waste your valuable time posting to poor folks like us who want to hold a company accountable to their commitment to us, vs. changing their story after we sign a 2-year commitment to give them (a lot of) our money in trade for service.  Or maybe you’re the kind of a-hole who yells at a fast food server for not getting your order right.  We all have more important issues in our live to worry about, so don’t be a hypocrite.

  • Kjmathews

    I am one of those, ordered at 3:04am EST, got email with order # at 3:07am EST and my phone is still showing as processing. Called AT&T and they are investigating what went wrong. I ordered my girlfriends phone through apple at 3:25am EST and I received an email with a tracking # today saying her phone will be delivered tomorrow. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m in the same boat as your friend. I preordered right after they opened the site, and I haven’t received any shipping information. Yet, I’m seeing people on sites who order the DAY AFTER getting tracking information. When I called they range they gave me was after October 4th. 🙁 I’m trying not to care but you know what I do care. This is my first upgrade since the iPhone 3G, I would like the product I paid for.

  • Jamesjj23

    I ordered my phone at 5:10am CST, got a email saying it had been processed and “will be delivered on Sept 21st”.   When I got home I had an email saying I needed to confirm my credit card information, so I called and confirmed it.  I had used my corporate card which has a different billing address than the shipping address.  Well of course during the order process there was no where to specify a different billing or shipping address.  I called corrected the problem and the lady said everything was set and I would get my phone on Sept 21.  This was all last Friday when preorders went on sale.  

    I called yesterday because I still had yet to see any tracking info.  They are telling me now that it will be Oct 4-15 before it ships.  All because their ordering process and system sucks, bunch of idiots.

  • Jonathan

    I ordered from AT&T a 32 gb black at 11:15 am CT on the 14th and it will be delievered on the 21st. I was happy I didn’t get up early to order it and still am getting it on the release date. Stinks for the people who are getting theirs later.

  • Warren McAllister

    I have the exact same issue.  I ordered on Sunday because it didn’t say there was any backorder (was gonna do it on the Apple website but that said 2-3 weeks).

    I called to cancel my order because I want to get it at the ARS on the day of launch.  The person told me to cancel on their website.  I told her I was on her website right then and where do I go to cancel the order.  She said “I don’t support how to’s on our website.  I would need to transfer you to a group that can walk you through use of our website”……

    Needless to say I hung up because I was so angry.  

  • Louis CK would refer to these as “white people problems”…get over it!

    • Michael

      I love Louis CK.  Especially his bit about flying in planes.  However,I’m
      not impressed with your self-righteous remark.  People, like myself, are voicing
      displeasure with a company that is failing to deliver good customer service.  Or do you not care about that…?

      Please stop with the superior
      tone.  Good for you if you’re not bothered by the inconvenience, but maybe just go away instead of posting to show how you’re above it all.  Woopieeee

  • Ben Matte

    First world problems amirite

  • Ticked Off

    Well it obviously doesn’t do any good to show up at a corporate store and be the first in line at 9:00 am on the 14th and be told that I would receive it on the 21st — because I was just told that it was scheduled to be shipped on October 4th. AT&T should be glad I’m roped into a contract because if not I would go back to Verizon in a heartbeat. AT&T what a Mickey Mouse corporation. Great job once again !!!

    • Elm

      A Mickey Mouse corporation is actually a pretty damn good corporation. Don’t diss the Disney Company

  • I ordered my Iphone 5 on Friday at 4:30 am on the 14th. I received confirmation that day that I would receive my phone on Friday the 21st. On Monday the 17th I got an email fron ATT that I needed to verify my order so I called and the rep told me my debit card was declined. I found out that same day from my bank that no such charge was brought up to my account. When I called ATT back I was on hold for over 2 hours!! I fixed the whole thing and was set to receive my phone on the 21st. On Wednesday the 23rd I received another email from ATT stating my purchase was succesful and I would receive my phone in 14 to 21 days!! What a scam!! If ATT would have been honest with me I would still be opisssed but would find it hard to bad mouth ATT. NOw that they have lied the gloves are off. WHY LIE? PISSED OFF AT ATT!!!!

  • Odelllibby

    I ordered my iPhone 5 through ATT @10am EST on Sept. 14th.  Received confirmation that it would be delivered Sept. 21st.  BUT I had not received any confirmation of shipping as of Sept 19th… ATT website said “Processing” with no tracking and no shipment information at all.  I called ATT cust service and they told me they have no information on when my phone will be shipped, or if the wharehouse has even received the order and that they have no one in their office that can find-out what’s happening with my order….. So here it is, Sept. 21st and I have no phone and have no idea if I will ever get one.  And, of course, they still have my $300.

  • Cgcdude

    I pre-ordered my iPhone 5 at 4:30 am EST on 9/14/12, an hour and a half after the pre-sale started. I called at 8 am today 9/21/12 when AT&T’s website still showed that the order was processing, and no tracking information was available to check status. I was told my phone was scheduled to ship on October 14th, a month after I ordered, due to the “volume of the orders.” That is ridiculous. I called AT&T to cancel my order because they have my phone in a local store, and was told they cannot cancel the order because it has already processed, and if I were to buy in a local store i would have to pay full retail value. I am fed up with AT&T and will be contacting the better business bureau.

  • eastonS

    I went too a retail store to pre-order mine and you would think that if you already put money down for one you should be the first ones to get it.Instead the guy at the store told me “well we’re not doing pre-orders today its first come first serve”. I told him no sir umm thats bullshit cause I already paid my money to get my phone its not like the one thats being shipped is gonna be special and have my name engraved in it or have something extra in the box if people like myself came and took time to come to the store and pre-order it then you should handle their needs first. I’m still pissed about it so its possible i may have to wait 2 more weeks before I actually get my phone because I thought AT&T had the common decency to cater to those that’s already paid good money for their devices. Wrong! 

    • Aneesh

      Same Thing happened to me. Screwed for Pre-Ordering!


    Y’all are ahead of me – I preordered in the wee hours of the night on September 14, got a confirmation number and saw the hold on my credit card for the price of the phone, and just never saw the shipping information update. It still says ‘processing.’
    So today I thought I’d try an online chat with AT&T. They told me that they never got an order of any kind, despite the confirmation number. I called the customer service number, and they told me that there was no order, either, and when I gave them the confirmation number they told me that my credit card had rejected the charge. When I gave them the credit card hold information, they said that my phone will ship in 21 days.
    I told them that if I’m going to wait 21 days for my phone to ship, after preordering and prepaying, that it’ll come from Verizon. 

  • Rationality…

    You guys are inspirational.. Seriously, I don’t know how you guys are going to manage to live with your old iPhone 4/4s for another week.  I can understand you wanting your new phone, but some of you just sound like spoiled whiny b*tches, 

    I preordered my phone and it hasn’t been shipped yet.  I do not care that I will not be one of the first people with a new iphone because I not only still have a functioning cell phone but I also have a life..

    By the way, none of you have actually paid for your new iPhone.  You get charged when your phone ships. 

    • Hmm, maybe some of us have a price with Gazelle and want to get our money from them for our 4s… If I don’t get my 5 by next Friday the 28th I will lose over $50.
      That is the cost of a new case, so hopefully that answers your question!

    • Tells it like it is

      Who are you to say that we “sound like spoiled whiny b*tches”?  Just because your contempt with at&t’s irresponsible, deficient mistake of not letting their customers know that the phone may be shipped at a later date(in my case) doesn’t give you the grounds to demoralize and rebuke the other 80% who aren’t. 

      I’m also quite sure that the point of pre-ordering is to ensure that you will receive the item the first few days it comes out. Not the next 14-21 day’s. The sad thing is that you may not be living the great life you even say you have. Judging by the terrible comment made. Many troubled people turn towards the internet to insult people anonymously behind the safety of their keyboard to boost their own self esteem off the expense of someone else’s. 

      With that said, I wish the best for you and hope you enjoy your iphone 5 🙂 

    • sigh

      I was charged, ATT shows I was upgraded, but I have no pending orders, no ship date, and clearly no phone.  If I wasn’t charged, I couldn’t care less.  It would be nicer if my status still showed eligible for upgrade which it does not.  Ugh.  I have no idea what I was doing ordering from ATT.  I should know better.

    • Michael

      I’m not impressed with your self-righteous remarks.  This is poor customer service that WE are paying for.  To insult people for voicing displeasure with broken promises isn’t being “spoiled whiny b*tches”, its voicing a valid complaint.  Good for you for not minding the wait for your phone…, I agree with you.  However, stop with the superior tone and insults.  It doesn’t make you above anyone to post anonymous insults just to prop-up your own ego. 

      Next time check your own motivations – and think back to how you may have over-reacted when something you expected didn’t happen the way you wished.

    • RealityCheck

       I bet you go poo poo in the potty too.

  • John

    I seem to be in this category as well.  My order still says pending online.  I am patient and will be grateful for my phone when I get it, but I am disappointed with AT&T’s logistic teams.

    If you are a powerful organization, you have a reputation to uphold and your customers should come first.  If it is going to take weeks to deliver a product after you communicated it would arrive, then you should have the audacity to say that upfront.

    I will be switching providers due to this poorly executed supply chain process.  There are a lot of customers who were left disappointed.  

  • Contact Rickmc

    I got screwed too.  I ordered on the AT&T website at 7:30am  ET and was quoted 9/21 delivered.  Today I call up and they say my order went in at 2pm ET and I was now at 10/4 to 10/14 for shipment.  Called multiple times, first time a supervisor told me Apple failed to deliver and they didn’t find out until yesterday.  Lie.  Next time I called, they said that it could take 24 hours to do a financial credit check and fraud check before my order actually gets entered.  More lies.  My friend ordered at 8am on the apple site and his phone will be here on 9/25.

    • Contact Rickmc

       p.s. AT&T confirms my order was entered at 7:31am and confirmed at 2pm ET.

  • AXP77


    • Peniswrinkle


  • dc

    I received an iphone order confirmation email from att dated 9/14 at 11:40 AM.  When i check my order status, it shows an order date of 9/16!!  I didn’t care if I got my phone right away, but I DO CARE that att delayed in submitting my order!! 

    • mango

      I had the EXACT same experience with AT&T.  I ordered on 9/14 at 10:30pm (not am) and when I check my order status today, my order date is now 9/16.  I called into AT&T premier and the rep said there was a problem with my order on the AT&T side – she would not elaborate on what the problem was; but, when I asked why wasn’t I notified that my order was put 3 days behind others (Fri, Sat and Sun) when I expected to be earlier in line, she said I was not notified because AT&T did not need any information from me – that they corrected the problem and placed my order.  When I challenged her in the 9/14 vs. 9/16, she said I was still in a “good spot” scheduled to get my iPhone between 10/4 and 10/17.  I hung up the phone and now am considering canceling my pre-order and going to a brick n mortar store.  So much for convenience of pre-ordering online… I have waited to upgrade my phone since 2008 and I’m on the verge of regretting the initiation of this upgrade, which did not afford me any discounts for an upgrade….

    • amy

      The same thing happened to me too. It could be because you accepted terms and conditions on the 16th. I ordered it on the 14th and accepted terms and conditions on the 17th therefore my order date is the 17th. I called AT&T and she did confirm that your order date is when you accept it.

    • Tiffany

      The same thing happened to me! I orderd my phone on 9/14 at 1:30pm central time and now it says my oder date was 9/16! I even got my confirmation email on the 14th so WTF?!

    • Very odd, but judging by the comments you aren’t alone.

  • Hlsus

    ordered two iphones on 9/14, one at 12:10 the other at 12:30 pst, got the orders in despite the at&t system crashing repeatedly.  I waited to make sure I got confirmation emails for both phones before I went to sleep that night.  What could go wrong?  I was one of the first to order my phone right?  Unbelievable…I read comment after comment on people that ordered their phones late into the day on the 14th and they have received their phones, while my husband and I sit here empty handed.  No explanation given as to this major screw up from anyone I spoke to at AT&T.  As soon as my contract (s) end I am switching carriers.

  • pissed off

    I order 2 iphones on 9/16 around 3:30 ET. I have checked multiple times since then for my order status. It still says penidng shipment. I ordered it with at&t in person. My friend,and my co-worker all ready got it. Im still here sitting in front of my computer,seeing if my order status changes. I have only gotten one email,witch is the conformation email. Nothing else. How much longer do i have to wait?!  

    • Jerk

      I bet it will come as soon as you go outside and stop staring at your computer, that’s what always happens! Or by the time you spell check your message. You still didn’t get a conformation? Maybe I don’t understand. Please elaborate, or simply select one of the following.

      1. The act of conforming or the state of being conformed.
      2. The structure or outline of an item or entity, determined by the arrangement of its parts.
      3. A symmetrical arrangement of the parts of a thing.
      One of the spatial arrangements of atoms in a molecule that can come
      about through free rotation of the atoms about a single chemical bond.

    • Avoid your probably boastful co-worker in the meantime. Good luck!

  • Riddley

    My order was taken by phone on 9/14.  I received the confirmation on 9/15.  Still no phone or shipment.  So, it isn’t just the AT&T website that had issues…also phone orders.

    • Really


    • Thanks for that insight. I hope your crappy situation is rectified soon!

  • Riddley

    My order was taken by phone on 9/14.  I received the confirmation on 9/15.  Still no phone or shipment.  So, it isn’t just the AT&T website that had issues…also phone orders.

  • Rainboatblue

    Screwed for Pre-Ordering! I ordered on 9/14 around 12:45am pst, and I received the confirmation that the delivery date is 9/21. When I called them in this morning, they told me that I am in back-ordered.
    Late come first served- This is their pre-order policy. Don’t choose AT&T if you are thinking to pre-order an iphone.

    • ThatWasClose

       Thanks Rainboatblue,
      I was just about to pre order an iphone for at&t until I read your insignificant comment here on this forum that I just happened to stumbled upon, then, out of shear boredom I scrolled down.

  • Greg_mckee

    not sure who was told what….. but i was told when i ordered my 4 i phones on the 14th that it would be 14-21 business days before i get it….  not even close to the 21st  but i understand why…. they need to cover the people who want to waist a week standing in line on the 21st.  i knew right off the bat i wouldnt get it on the 21st.  so maybe i’m the only one they were honest with? 

    • Wrong

       Who gives a shit about Iphone 4 anymore?

      • Wulf

        He said he ordered four iphones (meaning four different iphone 5s) NOT the iphone 4. People are so quick to leave snarky remarks.

        Anyway, they were also honest with me. I ordered early on Friday and they said to expect 14-21 business days for shipping as well, so I knew I wasn’t getting my phone anytime soon. Not happy about it, but that’s life.

  • When I called they told me the same thing, but I received mine on Friday anyway.

  • Angelo

    first come last serve, at&t  is shit right now. I pre-ordered mine on the 14th at 5:22 am pt and it’s still being “processed.”

    • Johnny manidis

      exactly the same with mine, its just processing

      • Conversationalist


  • Mista06818

    pre-ordered at the At&t Store, on the 14th at 5:30pm……At&t told me I would get it on the 21st. I asked all of these important questions since i knew I was ordering late in the day. next day, I got the “14-21 days” email. Called the apple store yesterday(22nd), they have plenty left, why can’t I just go pick one up from them. right?

    • Mine

       I think you should march right down there and get what is rightfully yours!

  • miles

    I ordered 2 iphones at 3:45 am est on 9/14.  I had to do it through the att app on my iPhone 4 because both apple & att’s sites were looped and I couldn’t even log in to begin the upgrade process.  I received confirmation emails within 1 minute of each order stating delivery of 9/21.  Not only did I not receive notification that my phones weren’t going to be shipped until October, I actually had 2 different customer service reps at ATT give me 2 different answers as to why my phones were back ordered.  I did manage to get the upgrade fees waived so that was $72 back in my pocket.  

    • SOSAD


  • Merry

    I ordered my iPhone 5 in person in an AT&T store on the 14th.  When he put the order into the computer he said that it would ship on the 21st and that I would have it on the 22nd!  Are you sure, I said.  And he said, absolutely!  My credit card was charged and all was well.  Nope!  No phone.  Order says “pending.”  Call results in statement of “back-ordered” with no shipping estimate.   Received my bill today with upgrade charge yet no phone to upgrade!  I’ve been a faithful AT&T customer until now however perhaps not in the future.

    • Christmas

       Merry = Just like everyone else

  • =

    i ordered my i5 though att site at 12.02 am pacific on 9/14, and they say they would give me between oct 4th and oct 15th. what crap is this. whole purpose of staying up and ordering is spoiled. att screws it up big time as always. any solution?

    • VoiceofReason

       Don’t rely so heavily on materialism to create happiness in your life?

      • I don’t think that’s the point.

        • Not-A-Spoiled-Brat

           that’s the problem

        • Not-A-Spoiled-Brat

          Oh, also, if you’re a TECH WRITER, than you should be so stupid as to not understand the processing period for random software systems.  Not every step of the process is always automated, it may have taken a day or two for something to update somewhere, thus resulting in a later displayed order date.  Are you flat out retarded or something?

  • darita

    I was flat out lied to!  First, I preordered only to find out that preorder means nothing to ATT, then when I had one in my hands in a Target store, I was lied to again and ATT said I could not cancel my unshipped preorder, in order to get my upgrade back. ATT owes me and owes all of us.

    • JimBob

       YEAH! Get your pitchfork Ned! We’re having us an old fashioned lynching

  • Hsarandos

    My husband and I both pre-ordered on 9/14/12. He ordered mine first then his. His came Friday. AT&T cannot find my order, it shows in My Orders online but instead of the order number from my confirmation email it’s a differernt order number and the date is 9/22/12 not 9/14/12. I have called AT&T 3 times Friday, Saturday and today. When I call they say they are having system issues and will escalate to a manager and someone will call me in 24 hours. No one has called me. My husband and I tried to get the phone he got switched to my number and they would not allow it since I am in the “middle of an upgrade”. Royally screwed me and my order. I am stuck with my old iPhone3 which is now basically just a phone as they stopped making updates for it.

  • Na

    Not sure what you are all talking about. I pre-ordered around lunch on Friday, got both no problems on the release date. The phones are great!!! 

  • Good luck to all of us! Like many of you I pre-ordered the week of the release — not on the
    first day available to pre-order, but on Sept. 16. I received an email
    confirmation with a link to accept my new terms & conditions. I did
    so immediately. My next communication from AT&T came three days
    later on Sept. 19 and it said “Thank you for your recent order. Your
    iPhone will ship in approximately 14-21 business days*. All orders are
    processed on a first-come, first served basis.”

    I’ve been diligently checking the online status of my order every
    day, and it just says “Processing” and “1 Back-ordered” iPhone. I’ve called AT&T customer
    support on two occasions to try to find out more, and all the reps can
    tell me is that “my order should arrive in 14-21 business days from the
    day my terms and conditions were accepted.”

    Here’s hoping it shows up on my doorstep one of these days…

    • Kevland1

      I ordered on the 17th. Same thing. You should see  your’s processing a day ahead of me…maybe repost here when you see your status change.

    • Mynamisjer

      Mine said that as well. I ordered it on the 19th after the screwed up my order on the 14th. I was supposed to get it on launch but had to wait the 14-21 days. My phone is due to deliver tomorrow. Once the phone is actually shippedout of the wearhouse, your status will change from processing to processed.

  • Judi

    Same challenges here in California!  Every single customer service rep gave me a different story, and each supervisor something different.  The problem is NO ONE offered to own the issue or offer a solution.  After 7 conversations, 2 disconnects, a visit to a store and 4.5 hours of my time lost, I still have no phone, and come to find out they “accidentally” cancelled my order 2 days ago, so I am back at square one and need to start the process all over again.  Worst customer experience I have encountered in years and no one seemed to care!

  • Kevland1

    So we are all waiting an extra 2-3 weeks and Apple starts selling in 22 new Countries today….that is fuckery.

  • Tt27

    I ordered mine on the 14th through at&t…. im still waiting….

  • PissedAttCustomer

    I ordered mine on 9/17 and I’m still waiting…went through at&t…I check everyday and I’m furious I might want to switch carriers this angers me so much! My phone broke 2 weeks before the iPhone 5 came out which gave me a good excuse to get it..I haven’t had a phone for over 2 weeks. This is not ok.

    • Picklerose2

      Verizon is not any better.  My husband ordered me the phone online from Iraq as a surprise.  My current phone is junk and keeps shutting off.  He pre-ordered it on 9/19. My ship date is now November 14, but there is no tracking info avail from verizon, and no one has any answers when you call customer service. I had AT&T for 10 years and never had any problems but we live on a military base about 1/2 a mile from an air field and I could not get service at my house so I switched to Verizon.  Better signal, same crappy customer service. 

  • Alhco

    I went to the Apple store on 9/21, had an iPhone 5 in my hand, AT&T account info ready, upgrade eligible. BUT, my account is a small business account and AT&T won’t allow business customers to purchase at the Apple store! Verizon does and they had reps in the Apple store to help out, but AT&T won’t allow it. So, I ordered my phone over the phone the same day and am still waiting. Great way to treat your business customers.

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