Kindle Fire HD 7″ rooted despite locked bootloader and extra security

After the Kindle Fire HD 7″ was released, it was discovered that Amazon detracted from the company’s previous developer-friendly attitude towards the original Kindle Fire. Amazon allowed developers to root the Kindle Fire, which was done fairly easily. This time around, however, Amazon not only locked down the bootloader on the Kindle Fire HD, they added additional security measures that rendered the device more difficult to hack.

Developers appeared undeterred, however, and XDA-Developers and RootzWiki members Hashcode, Justin Case, Reverend Kyle and Sparklym3 have successfully gained root access to the Kindle Fire HD, and in a way that opens up the process to anyone with a little technical know-how and familiarity with ADB. The team has posted the following how-to video to show Kindle Fire HD owners how to root the device should they choose to do so.

Of course, when you decide to root your device, you run the risk of rendering the device useless (“bricking”), so be sure to account for the potential risk before embarking on your rooting journey.

[via Engadget]

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