Amazon details new GameCircle features

Amazon details new GameCircle features

In July, Amazon GameCircle was launched with the leaderboards and achievements. Now Kindle Fire owners can connect with other GameCircle players or import their Facebook Friends to compare achievements and compete for higher scores. Customers are able to see what games their friends own and what new games they should try.

Each GameCircle-enabled game gets several pages of content in the game library, including a “Summary” page, a friends page, an achievements page and a leaderboards page. The “Summary” page features friends ranking, player scores and next achievement to earn, as well as the “Play” button to launch the game.

Developers on their end benefit from increased exposure as select GameCircle games will be highlighted in Amazon Appstore. Moreover, the game discovery mechanisms also plays a role, allowing players to easily discover new games to try out.

Integrating GameCircle in games is free and if you’re a developer, you can get additional information from this page

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