Apple tries to get former Google Maps workers to better iOS Maps

Apple knows its Maps application is severely lacking, so to help improve its shortcomings, the company is enlisting the help of former Google Maps workers. According to this report from TechCrunch, the Cupertino based tech giant is enquiring the services of anyone who’s done contract work on Google Maps. Furthermore, the source of the report claims that many of those who were contracted to help Google with its Maps application are seriously considering joining Apple. These former Google workers are interested because the iPhone maker offers an opportunity to create something new, rather than deliver updates to an already established product.

What’s the big fuss, you ask? Well, ever since the launch of iOS 6 last week, Apple has been getting hammered about its revamped Maps app. Users hit the Internet complaining that the new offering wasn’t as good as Google Maps. The application struggles in providing key details on prominent cities, and suffers from other odd quirks.

TechCrunch’s source went on saying that many of the people who used to work on Google Maps seem willing to join Apple, and one person who did is “now paid handsomely” by the tech giant. Another person was recently contacted by an Apple recruiter who offered a $85,000 salary plus moving expenses to get working on the project.

If this report is accurate, it says Apple is in crisis mode with trying to repair the mistakes in its Maps application. All of this could have been avoided if the company would have just renewed a licensing agreement with Google instead.

[TechCrunch; via cnet]


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