Pink Samsung Galaxy S III coming to South Korea tomorrow

If you’ve been looking for a Samsung Galaxy S III in yet another shade like pink, then we have some good and some bad news for you. The good news is that Samsung has made a pink Galaxy S III and it goes on sale tomorrow. The bad news is that it’s only available in South Korea and there will only be 100, 000 units made.

The handset will be rocking 32GB of internal memory, so you won’t need to pop in that microSD card slot right out of the box, but that’s to say you can get your hands on one of these pinkies. We’re sure there’s a market for a pink Galaxy S III, it will be interesting to see how long it will take to move the 100k units.

While we’re pretty much sold on the upcoming Amber Brown version of the Galaxy S III, throwing a pink option into the mix couldn’t hurt. Samsung is going out of its way to bring a variety of colors of its flagship handset to the world, and that’s great to see when most devices are stuck in a white and black world. We wish that more handset manufacturers would jump on the multi-colored bandwagon.

There’s no sure way to tell if a pink Galaxy S III will put up the good fight to LG’s new Optimus G, but if we had a choice, we’d go with the latter.

Expect to see the pink handset land in South Korea on September 26th (it’s already the 26th on that side of the world) so expect to see more photos and videos of the device pop up very shortly.

Anyone been patiently awaiting a pastel-eque bubble gum pink Galaxy S III? Your time is here.

[Via: UnwiredView]

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