T-Mobile’s HTC One S gets Android 4.0.4 along with Sense 4.1

T-Mobile's HTC One S gets Android 4.0.4 along with Sense 4.1

T-Mobile’s HTC One S is getting a software update as we speak, bringing Android OS version to 4.0.4 (from 4.0.3) and HTC Sense to 4.1 (from 4.0). In addition, the 150MB heavy download also packs a number of changes and bug fixes, including:

  • Data connection delay fixes
  • Signal fluctuations fixes
  • Help with Wi-Fi dropping connection or not connecting
  • Email links now regularly open
  • Helps with loading screens or lag when returning to home screen
  • Streaming music skips are fixed
  • Improved Wi-Fi stability, Bluetooth connectivity

All in all, your HTC One S will be more stable after the update, hence we advise you to “push the button” as soon as you see that the new software version is available. Make sure your battery is full charged before proceeding to have enough juice to complete the process. Moreover, although backup isn’t necessary, it’s advise to have a local copy of all key information just in case (God forbids) something goes wrong. If that’s on place, you’re good to go.

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