iCloud glitch lets you keep 25GB of storage until 2050

Previous MobileMe users were given the gift of an extra 20GB of storage space from Apple in their new iCloud accounts once they made the transition. Today is October 1st and many of those users saw their iCloud storage capacities drop to 5GB, which is on par with all other free iCloud accounts, but others are getting a special surprise.

Certain people today logged in to their iCloud account to find that the 25GB of storage had remained and the expiration date had extended all the way until the year 2050 — September 30, 2050 to be exact, just in case you wanted to go ahead and mark that on your calendar. Thanks to what is undoubtedly a glitch that will soon be rectified, some lucky MobileMe users get to spend some extra time with that larger amount of storage.

It’s yet another (albeit temporary) extension to the time frame. Apple originally only promised the extra 20GB for a month, but later had a change of heart and made the expiration date September 30th. MobileMe users who were paying $99 per year for the service before it was shut down qualified for the perk.

If your iCloud storage did drop and you are looking to upgrade, Apple offers three paid options. For $20 per year, you’ll get 15GB total iCloud storage, $40 per year gets you 25GB, and $100 per year gets you 55GB — each adding 10GB, 20GB, and 50GB respectively. Otherwise, your iCloud account comes with a free 5GB of storage for backups, documents, and other data.

[via CNET]

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