Appscovery: First week after the launch


One week later and Appscovery now counts more than 100 apps, though that number includes the apps users submitted while we were in private beta. If you missed our previous post, you should know that Appscovery is our brand-new service that allows developers to publish information about their apps — it’s do-it-yourself service and all we do is monitor and make sure listings look decent and don’t offend anyone.

Still, we would like that all developers publish “proper” article which include images and the “full” about section with links to developer’s website and social networking profiles. We try to contact them to make sure this is done, but we don’t succeed always – so we advise developers to leave their emails so we can get in touch.

Apps we want to highlights this week include:

In case you wonder, these apps do have “proper” listings, which are nicely formatted and easy to read. Check ’em out. 😉

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