MoviePass launches iPhone app and re-loadable debit card, brings unlimited viewing to all US theaters

Today MoviePass launched its invite only service that mimics the Spotify and Netflix’s of the world. The new service allows users to use an unlimited subscription to US movie theaters through both an iPhone app and a reloadable card. This service is specialized around the debit card though.

The way this service works is subscribers go to a theater showing the film they want to see, and select their screening from the MoviePass iOS app. The mobile application unlocks the debit card, which lets users buy their ticket at the theater as they normally would. Annual membership pricing varies based on place, with an average price of $29.99 a month; the rules consist of one movie ticket per day. Moviegoers stand to make a pretty decent amount of savings than buying tickets outright.

Excited about the new service, Stacy Spikes, CEO and cofounder of MoviePass had this to say in the company’s release:

“MoviePass gives moviegoers the opportunity to see the movies they want, at the theaters they want – perfect for film enthusiasts who are at the heart of Hollywood’s economic engine.” She added “Moviegoers now have more at-home entertainment options than ever before, and MoviePass is dedicated to driving traffic back to theaters and reducing the friction of moviegoing.”

As a result, the new service is supposed to encourage folks to head back to the movies, in an effort that help reinvigorate a dying business. It’s good to see that the movie industry is trying to reverse negative trends, but this system is unnecessarily clunky. For instance, you can’t use MoviePass if you want to order tickets in advance, which makes absolutely no sense. For more information on this hit the MoviePass source link.

[MoviePass; via engadget]

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