Mojiva State of Mobile Advertising 2012 Report: Rich media on the rise

Mojiva State of Mobile Advertising 2012 Report

Mojiva’s Mobile Advertising Portal (MAP) prepared a snapshot report based on its internal data from January through June 2012. It highlights North American data with a heavy focus on the US, in addition to select global trends. The major findings are:

  • Rich media campaign impressions increased 30% on the Mojiva ad network from February – June 2012.
  • The share of mobile web ad requests on the Mojiva network in North America rose steadily from 27 to 37 percent from February – June 2012.
  • iOS and Android rule in North America, while RIM is still a major player in Europe. In June 2012, iOS accounted for 52% and Android accounted for nearly 36% of ad requests in the US on the Mojiva ad network. In comparison, RIM accounts for the majority of ad requests in the EU5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain & the UK) with 51% in June 2012.
  • Nearly 80% of US ad requests on the Mojiva network came from a WiFi connection in June 2012, and nearly 90% of U.S. mobile devices running iOS were using WiFi when browsing the mobile web or using apps.
  • Mobile Gaming, Entertainment and Social Networks topped the list of US mobile content publisher channels. From April – June 2012, Entertainment publishers in North America climbed from 18 to 23 percent of total ad impressions on the Mojiva ad network, followed by Gaming at 20% and Social Networks at 11%.
  • The Shopping and m-Commerce category showed the greatest growth of any advertiser category on the Mojiva network from April – June 2012, increasing from 4 to 11 percent of total ad impressions.

Mojiva State of Mobile Advertising 2012 Report

And if you fancy so, you can download the full report from here.

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