Push notifications are good for app engagement

Push notifications are good for app engagement

Like ’em or not, push notifications are key to driving app engagement. According to Christopher Dean, chief revenue officer of mobile messaging company Urban Airship, it is essential for app developers to have an app engagement strategy so that people don’t stop using some app after a month or so.

Push notifications are designed to inform users about app updates, providing developers with a way of reaching their users and “bringing them back into the app.”

Urban Airship had big success with push notifications, increasing daily usage of apps by up to 540%. During the first month an app is on a device, push notifications drive 67% of interactions, rising to 81% after three months.

However, since push notifications work on the opt-in basis, developers are suggested that the messages they send via apps are “both flexible and meaningful.” For example, geofencing a push notification related to a particular event at a sports stadium will encourage people who are there to respond to the call to action and engage with the relevant app.

As we live in the “real-time” world, push notifications are important to know what’s going on around us. Yes they can be annoying, but I guess something’s gotta give. What do you think?

[Via: MobileBusinessBriefing]

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