Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III showdown: Which is the superior smartphone?

Well, well, well; look what we have here. It’s the two phones that everybody loves to hate, the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III. Android lovers usually despise the iPhone 5 and iOS lovers usually despise the Galaxy S III. We’ve pitted them head to head to determine which of these devices will come out on top with victory. All of the bases are covered from design to performance to S Voice and Siri to the controversial Maps. Both are excellent smartphones with their own strengths and weaknesses. That said, let’s start the showdown.


Let’s begin at the very core of both phones with their specifications. As a side note, depending on whether one is using the global version of the GSIII or the North American version, the specs are better or worse. We’re using the North American version.

Inside, the Samsung Galaxy S III packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM, a 2,100 mAh battery, 4G LTE connectivity, and either 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB of storage which is expandable thanks to its microSD card slot. The display on the outside measures 4.8 inches diagonally with a 1280×720 and 306 ppi resolution. The camera on the back has an 8MP lens and the one on the front has a 1.9MP lens.

The iPhone has never been ahead (or aimed to be ahead) in the spec game and this is no exception. The iPhone 5 has a dual-core processor inside, but some have speculated that the clockspeed is at around 1.02GHz. It features half the RAM at 1GB, the same storage options, and the same 4G LTE. The battery capacity is unknown, but more details on battery life are below. The iPhone 5 gets a larger display than previous iPhones at 4 inches with a 1136×640 and 326ppi resolution.


The Galaxy S III has a full-body plastic design, but it’s actually pretty sleek. Samsung adds a brushed metal effect that really adds to the level of elegance.

I love the pebble blue color, which I had the pleasure of having on my review unit. Other than the standard black on most phones, this is my absolute favorite color ever on a phone. That brushed metal effect makes it look almost like a toned-down electric blue and it just looks awesome.

The iPhone 5 is made entirely of aluminum and glass and once again Apple reigns in the design department. The sides are either silver or slate aluminum depending on the color of the iPhone and the back has a large center aluminum panel with two slim cutouts on the top and bottom filled in with glass, presumably so wireless connections can function.

As nice as the Galaxy S III looks, I have a few small design gripes. I still don’t like capacitive buttons and it has two on the front. Plus, the volume button on the side is just one big button and you are supposed to figure out whether you are pushing it to lower the volume or raise it.

The bigger question revolves around the display: is the GSIII comfortable to hold in one hand? In my experience, it’s not. I’m the type of person who typically uses my phone with one hand because I’m carrying something in the other, and I struggled navigate around the Galaxy S III with one hand. I had to constantly loosen my grip on the device and move my hand up or down around it to position my finger correctly and it was just a pain. The iPhone 5 fits almost perfectly in my hand by comparison. If you have no problem using two hands in most cases to use a phone, you can neglect this entire paragraph.

The displays themselves are gorgeous on both. The iPhone 5 has an advantage in bright sunlight as its easier to see. As much as many people might prefer the bigger display of the GSIII for viewing more content, I found that more often than not, apps don’t take advantage of the extra space. A lot feels blown up and oversized. I guess that’s good, but I’d rather see smaller fonts and buttons in favor of showing more meaningful content. Videos and games shine more than anything else.

While design and display preferences vary between people, I think it’s safe to declare the iPhone the winner here. The materials used are top-notch and the device looks nothing short of premium.

Build Quality

The iPhone 5 uses durable aluminum and glass in its unibody construction. The Galaxy S III uses plastic. The winner is clear in terms of build quality — the Galaxy S III doesn’t even come close to the iPhone 5.

Keeping that in mind, the build quality of the GSIII isn’t as bad as I was expecting. Despite being made mostly of plastic, it does feel somewhat solid in the hand. Pull off the back cover, however, and its weaknesses are immediately revealed. I could snap that flimsy piece of plastic in half without much effort at all if I wanted to.


Performance overall was a bit faster on the iPhone 5 than on the Galaxy S III. It was especially apparent when comparing AT&T and Verizon LTE speeds. AT&T was significantly faster than Verizon in every case. When I switched to WiFi — both of which had the same connection — the gap tightened, but the iPhone still came out in the lead.

Graphics performance was typically better on the iPhone too. There was less lag when playing games or zooming around in Maps. Apps open just a tad faster as well.

On the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark, iPhone 5 came in at 1034.1 ms while the Galaxy S III came in at 1894.5 ms, and this test was performed over the same WiFi connection.


I don’t like to write too much about phones’ cameras in reviews because I think the sample photos should speak for themselves. Let me just say that the iPhone 5 does have a better camera than the Galaxy S III, especially for low-light photography. During the day, it’s only a tad more sharp but for the most part they are on par with each other. One thing I will note is that it seems like it’s easier to take a stabilized photo with the GSIII over the iPhone 5. As you’ll notice, a couple times the shot was faintly blurred because I moved my hand a bit, but when the phone is steady, the iPhone does tend to produce minutely better photos overall. You can see for yourself with the images below.

Siri and S Voice

Now it’s time to pit the two women who live inside each phone against each other. Which is more helpful at answering your questions and performing the tasks you request? Well, Siri.

Not only does Siri do more thanks to the iOS 6 release like find movie theaters and sports scores, but I found that it was usually quicker and understood better what I was saying. The latter is probably due to the better microphone. S Voice was faster at doing quick math calculations or throwing out quick facts. If I asked who the first president of the United States was, Siri would take a few seconds to bring up a sheet with Wolfram Alpha, while S Voice would quickly just answer out loud that it was George Washington, which I appreciated.

Still, there were some questions I asked that S Voice just couldn’t answer that Siri could, either due to the GSIII not picking up my voice accurately or S Voice not having the resources to answer.

Siri is also easier to carry out a comical conversation with and we all know we use these assistants for that purpose more often than we’d like to admit.


There’s been a lot of controversy over Apple’s new Maps app in iOS 6 because in many locations, errors can be spotted pretty easily. I used both the iOS 6 Maps app and Google Maps on Android for navigation and both got me to where I needed to go without any trouble. This may vary if you live in a place where Apple’s maps aren’t as accurate, but I’m lucky enough to not have any problems with it.

Google Maps is the champion in terms of data and is with little doubt the superior mapping app. Apple’s Maps app shouldn’t be a deal breaker for the iPhone 5 though because if it doesn’t work where you are, there are third-party alternatives like MapQuest and Waze — both of which are free and work just fine.

Call Quality and Battery Life

Call quality on the Samsung Galaxy S III is slightly worse than on the iPhone 5 in my usage. People I talked to always sounded noticeably more fuzzy and they said I also sounded a tad fuzzier. On the iPhone 5, however, callers sounded very clear and apparently, so did I. That’s presumably due to the new microphone system compared to older iPhones.

Keeping in mind that the iPhone 5 does have the edge here, how many people actually use their phone to make phone calls anymore? For most smartphone owners, either device will have sufficient call quality.

Battery life is harder to determine because Android measures it differently than iOS does. Honestly, it seems like it’ll have to be a tie between the both of them. They are both more than adequate to last throughout a typical day of usage, and even one with heavy usage as well.

I want to say that the iPhone 5 maybe lasted just a tad longer, but then again I did play games on the GSIII for a little extra time because I liked the way they looked on its bigger screen.

For call quality and battery life, you can’t lose with either of these handsets.


Bottom line: which is the better smartphone? For three small reasons, I’d go with the iPhone 5. It’s a bit faster than the Galaxy S III, it has a slightly better camera, and the display is perfect for maneuvering with one hand.

However, if you’re the type of person who would gladly use two hands on their phone in exchange for a gigantic display and can live without the better photos and performance, the Galaxy S III might still be worth your consideration.

Another factor comes in to play as well: Android versus iOS. If you use Google services frequently or like to customize your mobile OS to no end, there’s no question that you should buy the Galaxy S III. If you’re into the Apple ecosystem with iTunes and iCloud or just praise the simplicity of iOS and the build quality of Apple’s hardware, the iPhone 5 is the easy winner here. As much as I hate to not give a definite answer as to which OS is better, it really does come down to personal preference. They both have their strengths and weaknesses depending on everyone’s individual usage habits.

Based on the tests for this review/comparison, while I did declare the iPhone 5 the winning smartphone with the edge, make no mistake that these are two exceptional phones. I’m sure loyal Android users won’t even consider the iPhone 5 just like loyal iOS users won’t even consider the  Samsung Galaxy S III. It’s fairly hard to be displeased with either of these handsets.

Be sure to check out our official individual reviews of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III as well.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s check a few other criterion:

    1) Ability to use a better keyboard
    2) Ability to switch things on and off from the notification bar
    3) Widgets
    4) Ability to expand storage or battery capacity

    All Samsung wins.  But why look at those categories?  They’re not important to anyone, right?

    • I mentioned expandable storage toward the very beginning. The rest of that stuff is Android vs. iOS. I tried to stick to the phone themselves.

      • Cunninghamrc75

        Some of it still is just your opinion. I can us the sg3 with one hand just fine and I don’t have big hands. I’m not a big fan of these types of vs because its still someone’s opinion.

        • Agboudreau48

          They are ALL one sided opinion. What I find funny is that every single review I have seen of an Iphone has just been android people hating on the person that wrote the article. for the most part this one isnt as bad… bu still…

          • Ricardojaen

            Yes because when you ‘ re going to say an opinion in tech , you have to be impartial. Not go for one side.

          • Brian Davies

            I think it is a bit of a payback really. For some reason Apple fans are obsessive and nothing can be better than their beloved Mac, iPhone, etc. I am so bored after many years of Apple tossers trying to tell me only Macs can do graphics, audio, etc. that I have reached a point where I am giving something back. The difference is I pay back with FACTS not bs.

        • David123

          Your hands are big if you can hold the SG 3 with one hand, atleast thats the case for the general market.

      • no you mentioned about other maps for ios …………. im a fan of both but even i can see this seems a little one sided. but other than that good stuff  

        • Maps is one exception because of the controversy surrounding Apple’s Maps. I did mention other maps apps because as I said, I don’t think issues with a Maps app should be the reason why someone doesn’t buy an iPhone. There are alternatives. They may not be as good at Google Maps on Android, but they do work.

          • Mario1814

            Yea but if the issue of the maps would be on the androids the everybody will then say that is a piece of junk. Nobody never seems to remember that APPLE has messed up almost with every single launch of their devices . ( IOS or hardware) BOTH

          • David123

            That isn’t the point. Apple maps will improve in time, i can bet you on that. Everyone company messes up on things, atleast we saw an apology. Learn to move on.

        • Bradley Mizzi

          This argument has become redundant now that Google has released their Maps app for the iOS 6 platform.

      • Wachamp3

        Interesting…why didn’t you include NFC, other non Android features like the camera photo burst and the S beam. Also, you mentioned icloud. ..did you know that Google Play is completely free and all in the cloud? The review sounds a bit bias.

        • MarcM157

          About the cloud, its understandable. NFC hasn’t matured yet. Apple is known to not include software / hardware that just isn’t a “must need” at the time. Burst photo is a cool option, but I already have a free app that does it. S Beam is a cool thing though, can’t argue with that. But at the end of the day, are these features going to stop me from buying an iPhone ? No.

        • Luz


        • Luz

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    • Agboudreau48

      1) thats is a good point, bu you dont need to replace the apple keyboard like you do the Android keyboard. Although IOS Autocorrect sucks
      2) Umm I would say the ability to allow or deny apps abilities to send stuff to the notification bar kinda wins in this category.
      3) Widgets are slow to update, and most of the time need to be manually updated anyways. They take of screen space, usaully look fairly ugly, and drain battery. the only Widgets that I have had success with are the clocks and a calculator.
      4) If you end up putting 64gb of storage on a SGS3 you will be paying close to the same price because of the added cost of the SD card. Plus, Either you are totally loaded, or totally illegal to buy/torrent enough stuff to fill up 64gb of storage.

      • GT

        The ice cream sandwich is so much more versatile and flexible than the IOS and the disparity will only widen very soon once the jelly bean is on GS3.
        The 64 GB SD card can be had for about $45 to $65 on Amazon, which will means Apple, in it’s usual practice, will over charge you by about $50 to 200, depending on which carrier you use for the Samsung.  This is beside the fact that after paying less, you will have 128 GB or memory or twice the capacity of iPhone 5.

    • Android123

      To be honest, to the general market, they aren’t. Apple makes their products specifically for the general market, not the techies. These feature’s going to stop me from buying an iPhone again ? Seriously, no.

    • Spanglepants

      Criteria.  Criterion is singular.

      • Leonidas

        GRAMMAR NAZI IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Litt

    Let’s also mention that the S3 came out in June while the iPhone came out in September. The phone industry is moving so fast, its not a surprise to see the S3 beat. What is impressive is that a 3 month old Android phone is holding it’s own against the iPhone. That hasn’t ever happened as far as I can remember. Apple better make a big leap next year, Android is moving fast and could easily pass them in 12 months. 

    • DerpieMcderpinsein

       lol. Actually This happens quite frequently, like every time the new iPhone is introduced, at least if you are talking “Hardware Spec” wise. Apple has really never, ever, been the leader in the Hardware spec, unless you count their ‘retina’ display, which only really makes it as good as it is due to its high PPI (pixels per inch) ratio. Oh, and their build quality. Most phones cant compare to apple build quality either.

      Not busting the iPhone tho, don’t take it that way. I own a Galaxy Nexus and recently got an iPhone 5 for work. I’ve always been an android device owner but there are aspects to the new iPhone that I really enjoy. I must say though that if they didnt FINALLY increase the screen size to a more standard aspect ratio I wouldnt have even considered accepting it for my work phone. It’s still a little smaller than I prefer, but more manageable now.

  • Pegz

    Also your wrong. The S3 is a quad core. Not Dual core like you first stated. The speed of the IPhone comes no where near the speed of the S3 regardless of what tests you did. Better camera…. Are you blind… The IPhone has had issues with its camera for ages. And screw the IOS software if it weren’t for Samsung and Nokia half of Apples products would never reach the shelves…

    • Whoops, corrected that spec. Thanks.

      the not-blind author.

      • David Kim

        Yeah. International one is better phone overall than North American phone – same  2gb ram, but International one is a quad core. 

        I don’t think you are a fanboy, but I would prefer GS3 over iPhone – Design was a total disappointment for me. My friend (who takes really good care of all his gadgets) started to have scratches on the back of his iPhone 5… “OH DEAR.” All that shinyness will be gone in the next month or so 🙁 

    • Brian Davies

      The SGS3 is a dual-core with 2GB RAM in the United States and a quad-core with 1GB RAM on the international version. Therefore, George was right for his location (assuming his review was in the United States).

    • Seth_davis27

      Hope he does some research than typing biased comments.  Still A 1.5ghz dual core is faster than you state 1.02ghz dual on earth did the 1.02 over run the 1.5?…and its QUAD CORE!!!  Yes its plastic made but I already dropped it when I was ridding my Honda XR accidentaly run it over, yes the glass cracked obviously same with my Iphone 4, the difference is that SAMSUNG S3 touch screen still works, while my old Iphone 4 didnt.  

  • Mysky911

    Apple fan boy review on Android phone??? hahahhahaha……. 

  • Paul Calderon

    I will say that you tried to not be bias, but this is a terrible article overall. Your comparisons are based completely on personal experience and opinions that won’t help a person who wants to purchase a new phone… I expected more here but instead I read an advertisement for the new iPhone

    • What else is it supposed to be based on if not personal experience and opinions?

  • Nanaboona

    The S3 is without a doubt the best smartphone in the market right now. This is just another biased review.. Might as well don’t do reviews at all if you can’t be objective. No one is going to notice how ‘slightly faster’ the iPhone 5 is. And if you wanted a top notch camera, get a proper camera. The S3 can do many things the iPhone 5 can’t.

    Like Mysky911 said, an Apple fan boy.. LOL. WHAT A JOKE.

    • “And if you wanted a top notch camera, get a proper camera.”
      So I shouldn’t expect to have a good camera in a phone?

      • Brian Davies

        If you are going to compare cameras then show all the modes the SGS3 offers which the iPhone doesn’t. Also make use of the Exposure Compensation to show the best images the camera can take. Even on professional SLRs you have to use exposure compensation in certain lighting conditions. As you are clearly no photographer you have no qualification to even compare the cameras. I am not biased so I’ll say this: iOS introduced (iOS4?) a terrific feature in their camera software to lock exposure by long-pressing anywhere in the scene. This largely negates the need to have an exposure compensation control and works really well.

  • Mario1814

    Waaoo,  I can tell you are an iphone fan . In other words ( all this article is trash. There is not any different between Iphone 4 and the Iphone 5 just the size( and boring) . Also is so stupid when people said that the quality of the iphone is better just because is aluminum and glass and the GS3 is all plastic , the GS3 it looks as good or better than the iphone. The iphone is the phone that I always see breaking or with the glass cracked after people just drop it .

    • David123

      Now you my friend, look at your comment. Don’t tell people what they are, look at yourself. Your comment is completely fanboy’ish. And yes, it has been debated before, the iPhone does have a better build quality. You can argue all you want, it isn’t going to make a difference.

    • Excellent point about the glass cracking. That’s very true, but I often hear stories of phones made of plastic just crapping out without much fault on the user’s part by the end of a standard two-year agreement.

      By the way, I did mention in the article that the build quality of the GSIII wasn’t nearly bad as expected for a plastic phone.

      • Brian Davies

        Read my response to Freedom above. One thing the useless reviewers never do is talk about nitty gritty everyday use of phones. The capacitive buttons you don’t like make the phone FAR MORE usable than an iPhone. They are so useful that how could you not like them? There are so many more options in Android for sound settings, text input settings, the larger screen provides far larger text which is much easier to read. Scrolling is way faster on Android. I can go from the top to the bottom of my address book (150 contacts) in one swipe. It takes 3-4 swipes on my iPhone. Look at all the audio/video formats the Android phones play which iPhones don’t. These are the things a reviewer needs to tell the users. iPhones aren’t even in the running in a real user sense.

        • Anonymous

          I’d give up my capacitive buttons any day for just ONE hardware button on my HTC. Sick of getting thrown out of apps for just lightly brushing my phone.

  • That other phone next to the Galaxy has small screen

  • Ricardojaen

    George Tinari, why you don’t say since the begining you like more Iphone 5 than S3. Is stupid your comparison.

  • David Kim

    Once Jellybean comes out, software/app integration on GS3 will be on a whole new level. 🙂

  • Qu3ry

    Try reading “about the author” up there^ and don’t be surprised if he’s leaning towards the iphone.

  • Freedom

    Android people

    you dont have strong arguments vs appleyou just through some bad words with no arguments

    • Brian Davies

      oh really? iPhones are for deadheads who are happy with a boring grid of icons. Where users have to leave their audio app to visit settings to change equaliser settings, or leave their chat app if they want to change input & language settings. Android is for people who like their phone to operate more like a computer. Create folders, drag n drop files between folders, rename, move/copy files across folders, save things where YOU want them, not where Apple wants them.
      S-Voice loses to SIRI, but Google Search/Google Now in Android Jelly Bean creams SIRI (just look at the videos on YouTube). The Galaxy has “shape”; the iPhone is a shapeless slab. No shape at all. Anything else you want to add?

  • Freedom


  • Jacj

    Swapped layout –  iphone to left and  Galaxy to right when came to maps  – at first look I thought  Galaxy had worst maps

  • Andrew

    This has to be one of the most unbiased reviews I have read. I phone 5, I have to congratulate you for producing what seems to be a fairly even competitor for the Galaxy S3, but there wont be another iPhone for a year and by then it will be left in the dust of the more powerful androids. With windows phone on the way it will all get pretty interesting.

  • Trevor

    This has to be one of the most biased reviews I have ever read.  Even when it is clear that by  most  other independent reviews prove that the Galaxy S3 is faster in bench tests as well as downloading and uploading in real life situations in addition to having a longer lasting battery, Geroge Tinari gives a slight edge to the iPhone 5.  To a person who has tried both phones, but owns a Motorola Razr, it is clear that this review was done by an Apple owner, as we can see the macbook pro on one of the sample photos.  At least he didn’t try to hide that fact.

    • Me

      care to share links to the “independent reviews that prove the galaxy s3 is faster”?  would like to read b4 i buy.  thanx.

  • Having read the review in its entirety I can say that these kinds of comparisons should not be done by Apple or Android fanboys. George was going to give the iPhone the win even if the GSIII was better of the 2 devices. Have a Windows phone fan do the next comparison.

    • how about we DO NOT USE A FANBOY PERIOD

    • Dhaval

      How about you get something straight here – that only a person who understands everything truely and simply can give you the best judgement. When you stumble – who do you ask for help, your elders or a kid? So get it right here – iPhone was the elder and android is a kid. iPhone users have a TASTE, they have experienced stuff and that helps them compare stuff more better than kids. There is no denying the fact that android is copied and samsung products are copied from Apple’s ideas. I think even a kid will realize this. But, android’s experience fails in front of iPhone and this review again is the testament. If you were to always choose what smartphones to BUY, always ask iPhone user to come along and give you a helping hand. They will test all phones for you and give you better verdict.

      I personally am Apple lover because they provide best user experience I have ever found on a smartphone, they redefined smartphone world in 2007 and continue to do so.

      However, I was forced to give up my iPhone 4 because my aged parents did not know anything about smartphone and they kick started with apple and what I see in 3 months is they use smartphones pretty more than I ever used from 2007 to 2011. They spend 10-12 hours on it doing stuff I do once a week. They just love it.

      So when I gave up my iPhone 4, I had choice to go for iPhone 4S but I went ahead and checked GS3. I liked the phone and instantly bought it. It was bigger, seemed sharper and it was a delight. I checked it from every angle and I found it beats iPhone 4 and should be my phone until anything better comes in market. iPhone 4S was just nothing but iPhone 4 which was faster and with Siri. So I went ahead with android GS3 and wanted to find how I get along with New + Traditional fashioned phone.

      I realised just in 2 weeks that it was disgusting decision I ever took. The phone is just buggy. I had trouble to horrible extent. Keyboard won’t come up when I want to type or it goes down in middle of my typing. When I call someone, the screen goes BLACK – wtf? I still have this one notification on my phone call button icon which is reminder that I have one missed call – I used to check for 3 days until I found this is fucking bug. I was going mad as to why can’t I find who called me. This one is still present as I use my Gs3 this very moment. Then comes more horrible stuff – the phone would decline calls when I accept it!!!! Isn’t this frustrating? – oh boy I have more. How about, when your wifi and 3g is on – the battery just drains up like crazy. I could hardly maintain phone for 8 hours. Few more bugs are, when you are on call and it hangs up for whatever reason, the phone is locked again. How about more? The power button on any damn android phone is not quick – I can click it 2-3 time before its up and I literally have to do that to wake my phone up having gone to sleep just when it should not. The eye-sleeping feature is horrible, it shuts down when my eye is half open and I am reading an article. Processes just get so slow.

      Lets go to some good things people like – NFC, Bluetooth. You must be kidding? NFC – have you used it till now – if yes, how many times? I havent been able to use it even once. Bluetooth file sharing is no more – I had few friends who wanted files and they used it. But never did I want any files from them. Why? because I can get it from internet. Whats more? nothing – everything copied from iPhone is pathetic way.

      If you ask me whats good about GS3 — and as a true lover of smartphones, as per my understanding – you are paying up only for a super sexy display. PERIOD. It is the screen that should attract you more, however inside, its loaded with shit.

      I am waiting to see how Samsung implements Jelly Bean, I hope they don’t screw up again like always.

      So I now have iPhone 5 too and it beats GS3 with its speed, battery life is HUGE bonus. I love its sleek 4 inch screen but its not wide which makes it possible to use with just one hand – MIND YOU, I am big guy and I can 95% use GS3 with one hand too. Resolution of iphone is little better than Samsung but Samsung again punches back with the display size so it neutralizes it. Graphics are so console type. Music is better on iPhone. However, I find iPhone lags for a sec at times, but its just a sec and nothing like Gs3 lags which only need a reboot.I would add something very happily – I havent rebooted my phone even over 50 times since 2007 when I got my iPhone ; but I have easily rebooted my Gs3 over 100 times to fix its buggy behaviour.

      About the body, I really suggest samsung to use something more better at the back because its too slim and can damage internals. One slip and I am sure it can damage the micro card slot which is considered a plus for android. However, world @ iPhone has moved more sophisticated with the usage of iCloud. You no more need such slots. If has to be iPhone 5 all the way. Its seamless and smooth, sleek and beast, better and magical. Use it kid, you will love it more because holding a royal aluminium in your hands sounds better than holding cheap plastic. Its my experience. I am still using both phones, and I will wait for Jelly Bean to take second call. But iPhone should be the clear winner I guess. And with more things shaping up like electro magnetic self charging stuff and finger print reader which apple patented , I don’t think Android now stands a chance it did previously – to copy iPhone and go unnoticed. Both are now in sunlight and people know both of it very well. So anyone copies the other, faces big balls and falls.

  • Corporate Intern Guy

    Thank goodness I fapped!!!

  • Art S

    OK, Iphone lovers and Samsung followers, this is what I think. I had Iphone 3s jail-broke it, loved it! I decided to buy a Galaxy S2, loved it(still do), but gave it to my wife because I couldn’t take the music player anymore, a big plus for Itunes. Sorry samsung. then I got Iphone 4s jail-broke it loved it but when it comes to maps, navigation, sorry 4S you are toooo slow, I take an old galaxy s2 and use it. Looked forward to see Galaxy s3, got it, awesome phone, no doubts! Fast, big, no complains except… music player…bad sound quality on car’s bluetooth, again, gave to my wife(can’t find specific apps that I use for my job on android).. Using my old Iphone 4S again.

    Conclusion: I want Samsung Galaxy S3 with IOS 5 install on it!!!! Is it possible?! I guess, yes. (I know people who managed to install IOS on PC) the fastest comp you can get!!!

  • Holdyogesh

    Paid review…..

    S3 isn’t bad….

    • Me

      if you actually read the article, the reviewer went one better than you…”It’s fairly hard to be displeased with either of these handsets.”  not sure where in the article the reviewer said, “s3 sux”.

  • Adi

    Im sorry buddy but this article is a little biased towards the iphone. I am for neither the S3 or the iphone 5 and yet i see how you’ve tried to be very subtle about the biased comments. If the viewers want a proper review then this isnt the best one, no offence.

  • so biased

  • If you guys don’t like the plastic battery cover of the SIII, well, get an aluminum replacement battery cover! Or simply a phone case. Samsung knows that plastic is flexible, thin, light which would total up to better phone specs. Samsung also knows that people were going to get phone covers anyway. 

  • My thought in this; the S3 wins hands down. I’m personally a Windows Phone fan but I’m using the S3 because I feel that I should wait until Windows Phone Apps are better developed to maximize the better specs that they only recently have been producing. 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Both handsets are really, really great and it just depends on what you value. GS3 has a larger screen, more flexibility with Android and fits in better with a Google-centric life. iPhone 5 is an impeccably designed device that’s easy to use and its app ecosystem is still ahead of Android (it just is). 

    Two things we can all agree on: The GS3 and iPhone 5 are amazing devices and that George is a fanboy. 

  • Anonymous

    Both handsets are really, really great and it just depends on what you value. GS3 has a larger screen, more flexibility with Android and fits in better with a Google-centric life. iPhone 5 is an impeccably designed device that’s easy to use and its app ecosystem is still ahead of Android (it just is). 

    Two things we can all agree on: The GS3 and iPhone 5 are amazing devices and that George is a fanboy. 

  • Anonymous

    This review seemed to lean towards the iPhone 5.
    If someone were unsure of what kind of phone they wanted and they read this
    review most definitely go to the iPhone 5. Not to say that it is necessarily
    better but according to the article it is. Most of the flaws were of the
    Samsung Galaxy S3 were pointed out throughout the article. There were a few
    good comments here and there but it was very rare, it would seem like it was on
    track to a compliment then totally destroy the Samsung Galaxy S3. Although some
    of the features on the iPhone 5 are impressive it is just a  few improvement from the iPhone 4, nothing
    too major. The aluminum and glass was a nice touch, Samsung needs to step up
    their game on that one. When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S3 copying the iPhone…yeah
    there is no doubt it is almost an exact duplicate as far as the ideas behind
    the phone. There really was no comparison it was either the iPhone 5 or
    nothing, No doubt the iPhone is a great phone it is not perfect by far, and but
    the Samsung Galaxy S3 is also great, not perfect but great nonetheless and it
    would have been nice if it were given a little more credit.

  • Gal

    Very good review!
    Tired of Apple & Android fanboys. For gods sake, both phones are undoubtedly good phones – the iPhone 5 just feels for responsive and has FAR better build quality. Buy one of them (or an HTCNokia) and stop complaining about how biased this review is just because you don’t agree with it.

    Again, very nice review – you do sound objective.

  • Chris Jones

    I think the Samsung photos look sharper and the same map alternatives are available on the Android, but you won’t need them.

  • I think when it really comes down to it, you have to consider the overall long term value of what you are purchasing, and what to do when (not if) you have an issue with the purchase, no matter what item it is. In this case, the Iphone will maintain it’s value. I have owned android devices, which were ok. I bought my first iphone, the 4s last year, and have not looked back. I was shocked to find out, upon visiting the apple store last weekend, that the value of my current phone USED is worth what it’d cost to upgrade it to an iphone 5, after a YEAR of usage, or about $350 bucks. That’s seriously saying something. I can literally just trade this one in for the newest one, every year, and spend almost nothing out of pocket. NOT SO for any other phone. I literally have a drawer full at home of old “other phones” that were at one time, worth $799.99 ect. They are worthless- absolutely worthless. I got nothing back from that purchase. That, to me, is by far, the most important consideration. Is this a smart FINANCIAL decision? Or are you about to drop $800 on a phone that’s going to be worthless in a year because you have some hang up? I wouldn’t outright pay $800 more for a slightly larger screen or a slightly better keyboard. Would you? The other thing is the service. When I had issues with the other phones, I’d go stand in the endless line at bestbuy or go to the “commission sharks” store where they also make you wait while they sell phones… when I bring in an apple product, I am met with a knowledgeable expert that fixes my issue, every time. I have def had issues with mac products, but the staff literally make those issues disappear, almost so I don’t remember it happened. I don’t care how they fix it, I just want to use my products I purchased. After having “other phones, computers, tablets, etc” along with the mac products I own, there is absolutely no comparison when it comes to customer service, repairs and resale value. I’m turning in my $299 phone from 2012 for the next step up in 2013, and i’ll pay for basically then new case and screen protector. I’d say that’s a pretty damn good deal.

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