Nokia Xpress is the Finish company’s version of Opera Mini for Lumia smartphones

Nokia Xpress is the Finish company's version of Opera Mini for Lumia smartphones

If you own a Nokia Lumia smartphone without a solid data plan, you may want to try out Nokia Xpress, the new web browser that makes your mobile web browsing more affordable. The software does its magic by taking advantage of data compression techniques to cut down on bandwidth usage by up to 90%. As a result, your monthly phone bill can be significantly reduced.

Aside from basic web browser, Nokia Xpress also offers magazine-style RSS news reader which can be easily started on web pages containing RSS feeds (i.e. blogs and other news sites).

In addition, there are other features like the fancy bookmarks called Quick Links, ability to save pages for offline reading, and download (or upload) images and video clips to a SkyDrive account for future access.

You can get Nokia Xpress from the Marketplace but before doing so check out the short demo video below.

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