T-Mobile stores getting NanoSIM cards as we speak

T-Mobile stores getting NanoSIM cards as we speak

We’ve already told you T-Mobile will offer NanoSIM cards to iPhone owners who prefer to get their device unlocked and use it on the Magenta carrier. The first shipments of such cards have started arriving at T-Mobile stores and should be offered pretty soon. And while we can’t tell you when that will exactly happen, the chances are T-Mobile isn’t in a hurry since Apple still hasn’t put the unlocked iPhone 5 on sale. That, however, doesn’t stop AT&T and Verizon customers from switching boats with a hefty penalty. Not sure it’s worth it, but what do I know.

Alongside NanoSIM, T-Mobile will fire-up the “bring your own iPhone” campaign to get some iCustomers on board. Again, I don’t see that many people paying a premium for the unlocked iPhone 5 only to bring it to the Deutsche Telekom-owned operator. That, however, doesn’t mean T-Mobile shouldn’t be ready, quite the contrary…

[Via: TMOnews]

  • Anonymous

    As we speak??? I read this news last week on other tech sites.

  • Mitchem

    …..what is the need to make it smaller…will that make a difference in the phone for just 2 millimeters…..as i have said¬† before,that i am still waiting for the pico sim to be launch…..the phone size is reach ;u devellopers u better work on better softhware that fighting with the sim size……….

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