Analyst: March launch for BlackBerry 10 devices more likely

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

Research In Motion has been trying its hardest to stay relevant as it loses market share by the day. The Waterloo company told people months ago that it wasn’t releasing BlackBerry 10 phones until the start of 2013. Now, many of us expected that date to be somewhere in the month of January, but this might not be the case. According to Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, claims that RIM will not release any of its upcoming BB10 devices until March.

Misek told Forbes, “We had hoped for a January launch but now see a March launch as more likely.” Wait, before you lose your mind, you should know that March is still technically Q1 for the struggling manufacturer. And if this analyst’s proclamation is true, it would mean Research In Motion is keeping its word on a release between January and March.

It’s hard to get upset with RIM for trying to use up as much time as possible to polish its newest mobile operating system. However, this only puts more pressure and expectations on the company for the upcoming OS to be a superb product. RIM can’t fail on this, it has only one shot to make a successful first impression with consumers with BlackBerry 10.

[via cnet]

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