Global RAZR HD and RAZR i added to Motorola’s bootloader unlock program

Global RAZR HD and RAZR i added to Motorola's bootloader unlock program

Motorola extended its bootloader program to include two new devices, global RAZR HD and RAZR i. The “global” part for the RAZR HD means it’s an international model of the Android smartphone, which is sold everywhere but the U.S. Whether the U.S. version of RAZR HD with unlocked bootloader will be released has little to do with Motorola — rather it’s Verizon Wireless that’s pulling all the strings. In that sense, we hope to see the carrier unveiling the “developer edition” RAZR HD.

As for the RAZR i, as you know, we’re talking about the first Moto-branded Android smartphone with Intel-made processor, clocked at 2GHz.

Now that the latest Moto devices got unlocked bootloaders, we should see the hacking community “reacting” with new custom ROMs. We’ll let you know if catch something cool on that front…

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