Ericsson announces Application Awards 2013 contest for Android developers

Ericsson Application Awards 2013

Ericsson announced a new contents for Android developers. Dubbed Ericsson Application Awards 2013, it will expose the winners to Ericsson’s telecom clients, while also allowing participants to win some cash from the Swedish giant.

Open to students and small/medium companies, the idea of the contest is to promote innovations in the Networked Society and help connect people, things and places under the theme named “Apps for City Life.”

Interested developers can either make native or web-based apps, and submit a demo video and a working prototype by February 28, 2013. Of course, this must be an original work. Three lucky/smart winners will go home with 25,000, 10,000 or 5,000 EUR…

Good luck if you plan to participate. Also feel free to submit your app to our own mobile app portal Appscovery to get some extra exposure along the way…

[Via: AndroidPipe]

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