iPad Mini may not be something users want

iPad Mini may not be something users want

You may think Apple will kill it with the forthcoming iPad mini (I think that, too), you/we may be wrong. According to a small survey involving more than 1,330 people, conducted in August by TechBargains.com, the iPad mini is less desired than the iPhone 5 and the new iPad (the one currently selling). Here are the key findings:

  • Just 18% of respondents said they are gearing up to buy the iPad mini when it’s released.
  • On the other hand, 45% said they expect to purchase the iPhone 5, and 48% polled earlier this year planned to buy the new iPad prior to its release.
  • If they already have the iPad, 50% are not interested in the iPad mini while 32% are undecided.
  • Of those who do expect to purchase the iPad’s little brother, 14% will wait in line the day its released while one in five will pre-order online as soon as they can. Another 66% don’t have a set time for their purchase.
  • In terms of most desirable features, 78% want a USB port, 77% – a Retina display, 75% – a memory card slot, and 74% are seeking better speakers than the current iPad.

Yung Trang, president and editor-in-chief of TechBargains.com, concluded that that we falsely assume that all new Apple products will be wildly popular with this survey indicating that theory may no longer be the case. We’ll have to wait and see…

[Via: PCMag]

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