Shadowgun: Deadzone public beta lands in Google Play Store

Madfinger just dropped us the news that Shadowgun: Deadzone is now in the Google Play Store as a public beta. Deadzone is a highly anticipated multiplayer game that’s available for free. If you were a fan of the previous game, then you’ll love the improvements seen in Deadzone. Unfortunately, you can only play this game if you happen to own a Tegra 3 device. Before you throw a fit out there, you should read Madfinger’s CEO Mark Rabas explanation:

“With the Beta Test we wanted to achieve results that could best help us. By working closely with the NVIDIA team and the Tegra 3 technology itself, we are able to Beta test SHADOWGUN: DEADZONE very efficiently which will help us provide an amazing gaming experience at launch.”

It’s hard to disagree with a company that’s trying to make the overall experience of its latest game better. Remember, this is only a beta version, so it’s limited in accessing all the maps and weapons that will be available in the final version. In addition, Shadowgun: DeadZone now offers four playable characters: Soldier, Mutant, Assassin, and Dancer. If you want to get your shoot-on, then grab ShadowGun: DeadZone free from the Google Play Store.

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