Happy Birthday! Here’s an iPad… box filled with notepads

“Oops!” That’s what a worker at Walmart is probably saying right now after finding out he or she sold an empty iPad box to a unsuspecting buyer. Well it wasn’t exactly empty, but there sure wasn’t an iPad inside that box. Instead, the customer went home to give the iPad to her daughter as a birthday gift. When the daughter opened up Apple’s signature iPad packaging, she found some notepads — some pretty expensive notepads at that.

The customer’s name is Bobbi Linden and this recently took place in Sealy, Texas. When Linden went back to her local Walmart store, the manager wouldn’t even help. “She was just saying she has never seen it happen before and she couldn’t help us,” said Courtney Akers, Bobbi’s daughter.

Obviously now that the news has gone national, Walmart has more to say on the topic. “It appears someone previously purchased the iPad, removed the contents and resealed it in a manner that clearly resembles factory packaging. We have reviewed our surveillance video to see if we can find out who is responsible for this and we are sharing that information with local law enforcement in hopes that whoever is behind this is held responsible for their selfish acts,” the retail giant said in a statement.

This all ends pretty well for Linden and Akers. Walmart is giving Linden a full refund as well as the new iPad she originally intended to purchase for her daughter — signed, sealed, and without any notepads.

[via Mashable]

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