NTT Docomo unveils Samsung Galaxy S III Alpha, improved version with faster CPU

Samsung Galaxy S III Alpha

As part of its winter collection, Japan’s NTT Docomo unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S III Alpha, which is an improved version of the Sammy’s superphone. Instead of packing the Exynos quad-core CPU clocked at 1.4GHz, this model has a faster processor that ticks at 1.6GHz. Yes that’s the same CPU the Galaxy Note II uses and I would also assume the Alpha has 2GB of RAM, but I can’t confirm this yet. Rest of the specs are the same (as with the original Galaxy S III), with some Japan-specific changes like 1Seg TV support and LTE connectivity. The phone will be available in Titanium Gray and Sapphire Black in December.

Yup we want this version of the Galaxy S III introduced in other parts of the world, as well. However, as I’m writing this, we don’t have any such information and can only hope Samsung is thinking between the same lines. After all, if HTC decided to beef-up its One X (with One X+), guess the Korean company should follow with a similar version of the Galaxy S III.

  • Spiterivan

    The two most big mistakes of Samsung! (and sorrow for customers,including obviously me!),in the SGS 3.(and to don’t mention a better body quality,and the truly wireless charging!).was the non upgrading of the camera,from 8MP of the SGS 2,to a higher one of 10/12/ or even 13MP like the ones of LG Optimus G and the ASUS Padfone 2.but to mention just one,the biggest mistake was of the non upgraded RAM to a 2 GB RAM!!!!!.because for the heavy taskers like me and all the others!,the RAM is very important or even a priority!!!!!!!!.but now having said that,at least and it’s a must!,that Samsung will not gonna repeat the same mistake for the SGS 4!,and so this time Samsung must upgrade every thing of the SGS 3 for the SGS 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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