Sensus case adds new touch surfaces to the iPhone

Sensus case adds new touch surfaces to the iPhone

There are a number of different cases to choose from for the iPhone. However, most of them will only protect your phone, though there are few that include external battery, adding more hours of operation. The upcoming Sensus case is a different kind of accessory – it will not only protect your beloved device, but also bring along new capabilities.

The work of the company called Canopy adds additional touch surfaces on the back and the sides of the iPhone — like the PS Vita — with its sensors detecting up to ten independent responses. What this means is that you won’t have to bear with the on-screen controls and will rather shoot enemies by tapping the back (or the side) of the phone.

To avoid obscuring the game comes with a cost – at the moment, the Sensus case is available for pre-ordering for $39 (plus $7 shipping in North America), while its retail price will jump to $59. The company will provide an SDK to developers interested to implement the new features, and it’s up to them [developers] to “make the sense out of Sensus case.” After all, if there are no apps and games supporting it, this will be just another case. Pretty cool concept and we do hope it will be available for other phones, as well.

[Via: joystick]

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