Here’s what happens when you show a Windows 8 tablet to iPad owners

GeekWire’s Geek on the Street asked iPad owners about their impressions of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 tablets. The handful of people who interacted with the tablet seemed impressed during their short time with the device. Though this is only a few people, the result suggest people use the iPad because it is the most prominent tablet on the market, not because it meets all their needs. Microsoft may be able to break into the tablet market if it can deliver a product that addresses te shortcomings of the iPad. You can check out their reactions of these iPad owners in the GeekWire video below.

[Via GeekWire]

  • Anonymous

    I can tell ipad owners refuse to cast their ipad for windows tablet 8 eventually. Window tablet 8 is running a full desktop OS, not a specified Tablet OS. 

    Plus My woman didnt want to switch her ipad to window tablet 8.


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