LG Optimus G for AT&T coming on November 2nd for $199

LG’s latest flagship entry is causing a stir the company has never been able to create until now, and it looks like you’ll be able to get your hands on the device in a few short weeks.

AT&T will be releasing the Optimus G on November 2nd for $199 on a new two-year contract. For the powerful innards living in the device, the Optimus G should satisfy almost anyone who picks it up.

The AT&T version of the Optimus G is slightly wider than the Sprint and Korean versions, which is one of the only downsides you’ll find on the device. Some may be a little disappointed that the handset will come with an eight megapixel camera instead of a 13 megapixel shooter, but there’s a lot to like outside of the camera. The 4.7 inch True HD IPS+ display and the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro are quite a lethal combination together, so many people might not be bothered by the lack of five extra megapixels.

We just recently reviewed the Korean version of the Optimus G and walked away very impressed. LG has definitely created a device that can sit up there with the big dogs, but whether or not customers take to the device remains to be seen. Either way, we’d suggest that you check out LG’s latest device if you’re looking to get a new smartphone on AT&T within the next few weeks.  If you want to secure your Optimus G now, then you can pre-order it starting tomorrow.

[Via: AT&T]


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