UK Hot Deal: Sony Xperia T free on 20.50 GBP/month, Red Galaxy S III on 21.50 GBP/month plan

Sony Xperia T free on 20.50 GBP/month

If you’re in the UK looking to get yourself a powerful Android smartphone, we may have something for you. Two of the hottest devices are now available for less – Sony Xperia T and red Samsung Galaxy S III. The first of the two is sold by Tesco Mobile which is giving away the phone to anyone signing a 2-year Orange contract for 20.50 GBP per month. There are two options to choose from, one featuring 100 minutes and half a gig of data, and other one with 200 minutes and only 100 MB.

As for the Galaxy S III, its red version is currently offered by for free on three different Orange/T-Mobile 21.50 GBP per month plans. One comes with 300 calling minutes and 250MB of data, second has 100 minutes and 750MB of data, and the third features just 50 minutes and 1.5GB of data. Not sure which one would we pick; perhaps the last one and use some VoIP software for all the calls. What do you think?

Red Galaxy S III on 21.50 GBP/month plan

[Via: EuroDroid]

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