Infographic shows those places where your iPhone is in great danger

If you think the great outdoors is the most dangerous place to use an iPhone, you would be mistaken. According to a survey from SquareTrade, most iPhone damage (51%) occurs in the home. The most dangerous spot within your house is the kitchen (21%), which is followed closely by the living room (18%) and bath(16%). Even the laundry room is a hazard with 5% of  damaged iPhones coming from the washing machine. Another 9% of damaged iPhones are pulled from the toilet. Yuck! You can see other interesting stats about iPhone damage in the full infographic below.

[Via Mashable]

  • Anonymous


    Last week we took our kids to the zoo.
    Next to the lemurs cage, a family was standing (didn’t like’em from first sight – too loud). The guy asked for his iPhone back from his wife. She passed it to him, but the iPhone made a somersault in midair and… fell right into the pond that bordered the lemurs cage.

    No one was happier than me from the site 🙂

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