Phil Schiller: the iPod touch is too thin to include a light sensor

Shortly after Apple’s new iPod touch arrived on doorsteps, customers noticed that the device didn’t adjust the screen brightness in response to changes in the ambient light level. An iDownloadBlog reader emailed Phil Schiller about the problem and allegedly received a response that claims the new iPod touch does not have a light sensor because there is no room to fit it in the device’s incredibly thin profile.

Schiller writes, “Thank you for purchasing a new iPod touch. It is a remarkable device! The 5th generation iPod touch does not have a built-in automatic light sensor (it’s just too thin!).” We can’t say with 100 percent assurance that the email came from Schiller, but it is possible that the email and its explanation are legitimate. Apple’s executives do occasionally respond to emails and iFixit’s teardown analysis of the iPod touch makes no mention of a light sensor.

What do you think – did Apple drop the ALS in order to keep the iPod touch as skinny as possible or is there some other reason the ALS is gone?

[Via Gizmodo and iDownloadBlog]

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