AT&T may have a six-month exclusivity on the Nokia Lumia 920

AT&T said it had an exclusive deal to sell the Nokia Lumia 920, but the carrier didn’t say how long its exclusivity period would last. A report from WPCentral suggests AT&T has signed a six-month-long deal that’ll keep the phone only on AT&T. Customers on Verizon and T-Mobile who want a 920 will have to switch carriers at launch or practice patience while they wait until May to get their hands on the device. Though Verizon and T-Mobile may not get the Lumia 920 right away, they could get a 9xx variant, which may help placate disappointed customers.

Speaking of the AT&T Lumia 920, WPCentral also got its hands on some training videos for the phone. The clips aren’t earth-shattering, but the timing of their release is significant. The fact that AT&T employees are now training on the Lumia 920 suggests that Nokia, Microsoft and AT&T are close to announcing an official launch date and price for the phone.

[Via WPCentral]

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    ____ it. I’m getting a Microsoft Kin.

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