Who is more social – Android or iOS users?

Who is more social - Android or iOS users?

Pretty much every smartphone users relies on his/her device to keep up with their buddies and latest news on social networks. As you would expect, iPhone (iOS) and Android users are leading this trend, but it’s interesting to look at their behaviors and see the differences. For instance, highest ranked social apps for Android are Facebook, Google+ and Instagram; while iOS users prefer InstaMessage, Pinterest and Twitter. Some other cool facts include:

  • Instagram got its first 5 million iOS users in one month. When it was launched on Android, the same milestone was reached within a week.
  • Facebook has 36,771,000 unique app visitors from Android, and 26,148,000 from iOS-based devices.
  • Twitter is ranked 13th among Android users, and 30th among the iOS community.
  • Top free apps for Android are GMail, Google Maps, Google Street View and YouTube. In comparison, top iOS apps are YouTube, InstaMessage, Temple Run, Gems with Friends, and Space Effect FX.

And there’s more neatly presented date in the infographic below, prepared by StartApp.com.

Who is more social - Android or iOS users?


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    So a company who sells ad space in android apps, says that Android is the more popular/social platform.  This is a particularly good source then, because they won’t be biased at all.  

    How can you compare the amount of time it took instagram to reach 5m downloads? It was available on iOS over a year before Android! It had an enormous user base already at that point, of coarse it tallied the same amount of downloads in a shorter time.

    This is info is useless garbage, just a bunch of shitty PR/Marketing, why would you bother reposting it?

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