Preorders for 32GB Surface RT without Black Touch Cover sell out

We may have thought Microsoft a little crazy when they decided to price the Surface RT tablet at the same levels as Apple’s iPad, but Ballmer and Co. have sold out of the base model 32GB tablet. The Microsoft online store shows that the shipping times for the 32GB Surface RT without Black Touch Cover have slipped to “within 3 weeks,” suggesting that those who haven’t yet preordered and want a more colorful cover for their Surface tablet will have to wait a few weeks after the 10/26 launch date to get their hands on the Surface RT.

Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal reported that Microsoft was preparing 3 to 5 million Surface RT tablets over the course of the holiday season, so being sold out of the base model in under 24 hours could spell significant holiday sales for Microsoft, though we don’t know how many units Microsoft made available for preorder, or how many of those units were dedicated to the base 32GB without cover SKU.

The 32GB and 64GB Surface RT Tablets with Black Touch Cover are still showing a delivery date of October 26th, though we’re inclined to believe that most would-be Surface owners would prefer to opt for a more colorful keyboard combination.

[via BGR, Microsoft]

  • Gregory C Newman

    folks I studied the prices of good Android Tablet computers and expected the Microsoft RT to sell between 400 dollars as a low price and 500 dollars the best price just matching the  I pad. I was right on. I predict Microsoft to sell a lot of it’s RT tablet computers until the surface Pro comes out and then there will be a fast sell out of the Surface Pro if it is priced to match the I pad’s. There are a lot of big companies and individuals who have wanted Microsoft to produce a good PC capable tablet computer to run full desktop/laptop software on. A lot of  these People are not Android or Apple Ipad  fans they are PC users who have been waiting patiently for Microsoft to produce a good smooth running tablet PC that has fair battery life. Windows 8 can do that. It is what they want and they will pay big bucks for it but if Microsoft does not get greedy and price the lower level surface pro right. The Underdog Microsoft will  sell a lot of surface computers and become number 2 tablet maker within 18 month’s. It wont be an Ipad killer but Microsoft will have a smile on their faces because at least they are in the right spot. Apps makers will make apps that will make a new start button to replace the one that was removed from Windows 8 to make the windows 8 desktop people smile. windows 8 will sell better than it was expected to.

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