Verizon sells 3.1M iPhones in Q3, while Android devices hit 3.4M

It’s no secret that Verizon is the top carrier in the United States, and after its third quarter results it only added to its supremacy. Big Red reported some impressive sales numbers in the third quarter, as the large telco sold 3.1 million iPhone’s, with 651,000 of that being iPhone 5’s. The company was only able to record the iPhone 5 sales in the last week of the third quarter, so sales in the fourth quarter will more than likely rise.

However, we haven’t gotten iPhone 5 sale digits from Big Red’s competitors, AT&T and Sprint, as both companies don’t report their Q3 results until next week. Most analysts expect the two companies to see a similar jump in sales, but how much is meant to be seen because of suspected supply restraints. In addition to its astounding iPhone sales, Verizon also managed to sell 3.4 million Android handsets in the same period, with Samsung’s Galaxy S III leading the way.

Lastly, a third of the company’s activations came from new subscribers, boosting the total number for new customers up to 1.5 million. Man, Big Red is starting to resemble a locomotive that no carrier seems to be able to slow down.

[via cnet]

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