T-Mobile’s October 29th press event – Android or Windows Phone related?

As if October 29th wasn’t going to be a busy day already, T-Mobile recently announced its very own press event the very same day that both Google and Microsoft will take (separate) stages and unveil new products. T-Mobile’s event could go in either direction, as we could either see a new Windows Phone 8 or Nexus handset announced.

Earlier this month saw got word that T-Mobile would be offering up the Nokia 810, a recently leaked roadmap hints that a few more could be on their way. The Nokia 810 looks like it will be a nice device, but hardly a flagship handset, so high-end options are to be expected.

On the Android side of things, we’d guess T-Mobile would be the best suited for such a device. With the Verizon Galaxy Nexus receiving Jelly Bean almost two months after it should have, T-Mobile, who has already supported two Nexus handset before, could show Big Red how things should be done. Plus, with Sprint and AT&T offering up the LG Optimus G, a similar handset that’s dipped in a Nexus coating would look rather handsome in T-Mobile’s line up.

While it’s unlikely, there’s a chance that T-Mobile’s press event has nothing to do with Windows Phone or Android products. We’ll just have to wait and see.

[Via: Engadget]

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