Holiday Tech Guide 2012 – Get your holiday geek on with IntoMobile

As October comes to an end, many of you may be looking to get some new gadgets for the holiday season, and IntoMobile is here to help. From smartphones to tablets and accessories, we’ll be featuring a weekly post on some of the hottest mobile tech this year.

Starting next week, we’ll be giving you the top 5 best smartphones you can grab for yourself or as a gift for someone else. From iOS and Android, to Windows Phone, and more, we’ve got it covered for you. 2012 is full of great devices and this year’s shopping season will be a great time to get your geek on.

With new devices like the iPad Mini, Nexus 4, and new Windows Phone handsets right around the corner, you’ll be hard pressed to find something that doesn’t suit you.

So, if you’re looking for a new smartphone, tablet, accessories, or just a few fun applications or games for your new techy toy, be sure to stay tuned to IntoMobile for the latest and greatest this holiday season.

Look out for our smartphone post early next week!


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