There’s branding, and then there’s branding: Verizon’s Galaxy Note II

By now, unless you own Apple’s iPhone or one of the handful of other devices, you’ve grown accustomed to having your carrier’s logo blasted onto the back or front of your phone. Usually, these logos are placed onto unused space, either on the device’s backplate or on the bezel of the front of the phone alongside the manufacturer’s logo.

With the Galaxy Note II, Verizon is taking branding into uncharted territory by placing their carrier logo square on the multi-purpose physical button on the front of the device. Now, Galaxy Note II owners will have to look at that logo every single time they touch that button, which my experience with the Galaxy S III tells me will be quite often. And that’s just one of the logos you’ll be treated to on the Galaxy Note II; Verizon’s also added a big Verizon logo as well as their 4G LTE logo to the back of the device. The result is the worst-looking Galaxy Note II on all the U.S. carriers, and something that could hurt Verizon’s sales of the niche product.

As branding is getting more obtrusive, it’s becoming more and more apparent that these branding implementations miss the point. Phones are fairly personal devices, and aside from occasionally showing off an application or a video to a friend in a social situation, I’m usually the only person laying eyes on my device. To that end, most smartphone users already know what carrier they are using, and constantly being reminded of the network they chose with an obtrusive logo not only doesn’t bring more customers in the door, it also risks alienating customers they already have.

[Image from Engadget]

  • Anonymous

    Truthfully this is pathetic and shameful at best. Clearly Verizon has some kind of inferiority complex in comparison to other carriers. This is a sad conclusion for all Verizon customers and it’s clearly stepping over the line. I told Verizon to ” F” off 4months ago mainly for it’s piss poor Galaxy Nexus crappy overall lack of support. Dumped them for Tmobile where they care for there paying customers and prove sensibility toward android. The overall problem with Verizon is they feel they are bigger than android which they are not. There relationships are very poor with various manufacturers as well as Google. That’s why they will never see another Nexus again. Straight like that piss on Verizon…

  • Damon Aldora

    The new Note 2 is such a gorgeous phone. I’ve been following this phone
    for a while. I am sticking with T-Mobile since they are the only carrier to
    offer unlimited data with actual speed. In many cases, the 4G on my current
    phone than the LTE phone that one of my DISH coworkers has. We use the DISH
    Remote Access app on our phones to stream live and recorded shows through the
    Sling Adapter that we have on our home receivers. With how much his phone
    buffers, it hardly seems worth paying extra for LTE. It will be nice being able
    to stream as much as I want without hitting a cap.

  • Edgy_Timeless

    Verizon is a damn mess for that. I’m an Apple user however I can’t but just add how wrong this is. Then they got the nerves to even have it in the back of the phone let alone the home button. It’s like if your Verizon property and they control you, aka slave. I would hate to be that person who buys this off contract. I don’t understand why carriers have to stamp their branding all over the phones. It’s not their’s, your just a carrier that supports the phone. Status bar carrier logo is all you need, gosh!

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