User manual for the Samsung Nexus 10 leak

More rumors about a 10-inch Google Nexus tablet is making the Internet rounds this morning. We started hearing about a Nexus 10 tab early this summer, and since then, the expectation has been for it to be released at some point. Now pictures of the mysterious tablet’s manual has surfaced on Korean site Seeko, as the booklet resembles a Samsung Nexus styled slate. Unlike the Nexus 7, the design shown inside of the manual has bulging sides and a strip of plastic or metal at the top, much like the Galaxy Note 10.1.

Of course, like most leaks, not much is known where these photos came from. Hell, we don’t even know if this manual is official or not. Anyhoo, we’ll see if more information or pics start to leak out ahead of the Google event October 29.

[Seeko; via The Verge]


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