New unidentified Windows Phone device from Huawei caught in the wild

New unidentified Windows Phone device from Huawei caught in the wild

We know that Huawei will enter the Windows Phone game. Heck we’ve seen their W1 model, but apparently the Chinese company won’t stop with a single model. What we have here is an unidentified Windows Phone device wearing Huawei’s brand. And we can’t really say what’s it all about, or whether it will ever be released. However, we are pleased to see another major company exploring Microsoft’s mobile platform. Samsung and Nokia unveiled pretty awesome Windows Phones, but having another serious contender could drive prices south. Or at least that’s what we would like to think.

Anyway, here are the leaked images of the mentioned Huawei Windows Phone. Hopefully, we’ll have the specs sheet in no time at all. Stay tuned…

[Via: GSMinsider]

  • alexxx

     I as well acknowledge Samsung released a WP8 Galaxy cut n’ paste – but aesthetically improved – aluminium assembly, and Nokia went for the iPod ripoff – I am so sure cannibalistic Apple will bite into that asap; but I can’t help but point out you left out the MS #1, Nokia being the William Riker, device and really looks like a 3D f****** tile in your hand Steve Ballmer’s ballmers shriveled in excitement when he saw it! He said it himself! Of course I mean the HTC8X. Htc has gotta stay in the game, they are the one true design-exploring and evolving team. Their lineup from very start could only be rivaled by such crazyniess as Sony Clie, that was SO complicated, Sony never brough it to NA, couinting on our ignorance, wanting no learning curve, while in Japan, if you need the how-to manual, it’s in. By saying that, its kind of obvious Apple had learned from Sony and others, and gave us its utopian echosystem for any common monkey, 100% controlled at every aspect, even the ability To do something as simple and essential as charge the device, but hey, no reason to bust the brains and learn something new. The thing is, we want to be controlled, and we want to be in bondage to some master. HTC is a young company, it didn’t establish its identity yet, it almost seems playful and sometimes irresponsible, I think that’s the reason behind such imaginative hardware, they focus way more on creating than running with what they’ve got. But damn can they make that phone. I always use a chance to point them out because, honestly, it feels I should do something in return if it at all helps assure these designs coming, having only had id say the flagship devices from them- Herald or P4350, Diamond, OneX, and OneX+ on the way. In between those I’ve owned Eten, Motorola, LG, Samsung and a borrowed iPhone 4s 😉 thanks !

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