One simple reason why I won’t buy the new Chromebook

One simple reason why I won't buy the new Chromebook

You’ve probably seen Google’s new Chromebook. At just $249, it’s a low-cost device to get you online (and get the job done). And I like it much more than the original Chromebook, but… I still ain’t gonna dive in.

My reason is simple – it’s too heavy. You heard me right, it should be lighter to make it even easier to carry around.

My main machine is the Toshiba Portégé Z835, a 13.3-inch Ultrabook with Core i7 CPU, 6GB of RAM, SSD drive and so on. It weighs just 2.47 lbs and it’s the lightest device in its category. So if I’m gonna get another laptop, it must be lighter. And the new Chromebook isn’t. Why that’s the case is beyond me.

I like Google’s idea, but the Chromebook must be even lighter. Perhaps for their next device in the series they should work with Gigabyte rather than Samsung. The Chinese company offers the X11, which at 975 grams (2.14 pounds) is the world’s lightest laptop. Now that would be something. Hopefully someone at Google is reading this…

Any thoughts? 😉

  • Ralph455

    nice thought from a guy who must get his notebooks for free. how much did that Protege cost?  bet it was more than $250.

    • I paid it $1350 but that’s my main machine. For a second machine – it must be lighter. Don’t tell me you can use Chromebook as your only computer…

    • I paid a lot more. But that’s my main machine. I wanted badly to have Chromebook as a second one…

  • You Sir are a fool, not because you wrote about the Chromebook but that you write at all.

  • Yorno Dasus

    The Protege is at 2.47 lb versus 2.4 lb for the Chromebook.  How is that not lighter?  And for the price…

    • SPM

      Well, I guess with the Toshiba, his wallet is a hell of a lot lighter, so since he carries around his wallet as well Toshiba is a lot lighter for him. Unfortunately if he decides to carry his mains adapter as well, the Toshiba becomes a lot heavier.

  • Nuk

    A simple reason from a simple fellow?

  • Josecrmrz

    Last time I checked 2.42 lbs was less than 2.47 lbs. Maybe I had a bad math teacher.

    • Yeah, but that’s not enough. Don’t you agree?

    • yeah but that’s not “light enough.” Don’t you agree. Why not make it even lighter – look what Gigabyte managed to do with the X11.

  • Ezequiel Gonzalez

    Seems like some Chromebook foes are pulling their hair to find something negative to say about it.  Meanwhile I am happy with my Chromebook, a humble CR-48 I got at ebay. Great keyboard, non reflective mate screen. Low power consumption. Perfect for my online work-style.  It has become my main PC, putting to rest, safely tugged under my bed, my previews Desktop computer.

    For sure, you cannot installed traditional local apps here. But who cares, I installed a Libre Office webapp in less than 20 seconds, no hassle, Microsoft Office is also available online. Have not tested it yet.. But I really don’t need it. A good Internet Access Device, like my Chromebook, with a good keyboard, monitor and internet connection is all I really need.

    One of these days I may take the big one from under the bed to install Debian, BSD and/or Windows 8 on it. That’s a lot of fun, but meanwhile I have writing work to do online.


  • Anonymous

    Seems like you’re looking for reasons when the one you cited doesn’t even appear to be correct. As if a couple of hundredths of an ounce would actually make some kind of difference anyways. Just get a Chromebook already. 

  • Anonymous


  • I also wondered why it was not lighter but hey if 2 or 3 oz make that much of a difference, its time to hit the gym or lay off the pizza… just saying :).  I own the same Toshiba that you cite but you forgot to mention the power brick that comes along with it.

  • simon@syd

    Is the X11 really made of carbon fibre? That would make it somewhat lighter.

  • Guest

    Battery life of a Z835? 

  • SPM

    Errr You’ll have to eat your words. The ARM Chromebook weighs 2.43lb which is lighter than your 2.47lb Toshiba. If you carry around a charger+laptop, than the Chromebook will be even lighter.

    Hope you dump your Toshiba soon.

  • Jesse Mendoza

    Did I really just read this? I think you’re missing the entire point of exactly what a Chromebook is and its purpose. I think you’d be pleasantly surprised by the size and weight of the latest Chromebook

  • george

    this post is pointless and without content, stop wasting people’s time

  • You’re a retard. That is all.

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