UK Court orders Apple to rewrite its “Samsung did not copy” statement

Earlier this year, Apple was ordered by a UK Court to post a statement on its UK home page that Samsung did not copy the iPad. Last week, Apple turned a few heads when it posted a letter on its website noting the Court’s ruling in the UK, but pointing to Apple’s several victories around the globe, and highlighting the fact that the UK Judge stated the Galaxy Tabs were “not as cool” as the iPad.

Unfortunately, one of the turned heads was in the UK Court system, and Apple has been ordered this morning to do a re-write of its statement. Further, the court criticized the way Apple presented the memo as a link on the homepage, and ruled that the court-ordered rewrite must be in at least 11-point font on Apple’s homepage itself. Apple has 48 hours to comply with the court’s ruling, though the company has indicated it will take “at least two weeks” to get the 360 word apology rewritten.

Whether it comes in 48 hours or 2 weeks, Apple’s re-written apology will need to be on the company’s website through December 14th.

[via Engadget, The Guardian]

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