iPad mini vs. Nexus 7 vs. iPad 3 drop test video surfaces

It’s the iPad mini launch day and people, particularly those who work for damage coverage and repair companies for gadgets, are wasting no time filming and uploading a drop test between the iPad mini and its competitors. That’s exactly what SquareTrade did. The drop test is already up on YouTube and it pits Apple’s iPad mini up against the Google Nexus 7 and the regular 9.7-inch 3rd-generation iPad.

SquareTrade even built a machine for dropping the devices because so many people (I won’t mention any groups of people in particular — Android fanboys) would whine if Apple devices faired better after a drop test it was only because the testers dropped them in a “biased” manner. This new machine drops all three precisely at the same time and angle.

In the end — spoiler alert — SquareTrade rules that out of the three, iPad mini wins the drop test because it survived two of the three rounds. I actually have to disagree just because I think the submersion in water shouldn’t carry the same weight in scoring as the drops do. Let’s be realistic, if you bring your expensive device in the water with you, you should really reevaluate your decisions in life. Take the water test out of the equation, and the Nexus 7 seems to have put up the best fight.

I’ll stop rambling on now and let you get to the video. Leave a comment below voicing your opinion on the results of the drop test.

[via Macgasm]

  • Anonymous

    It looked like the Nexus 7 was restarting. If that is so, then it’s tied with the iPad mini. Which would be a great feature, to shut itself off when in contact with water. Your test was rather vague on how that ended up.

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