Samsung plans major rebranding, unveiling of new logo at CES 2013

Word on the street according to ChannelNews is that Samsung is in the process of giving its logo a facelift in an attempt to change the way people think of the brand.

The goal is to apparently remove the perception from consumers that Samsung is just an “Asian brand.” I don’t know about you, but I honestly never perceived Samsung to be that way. Nonetheless, the plans have already moved forward. Samsung has been talking with teams that have helped developed the brands for Nike and Starbucks. Employees were also allegedly encouraged to hold off on ordering any new business cards until January — the month of CES 2013, during which Samsung is expected to unveil the new branding strategy.

The new logo has yet to leak out, but it will be “vibrant” and having a new color scheme, says the report. The blue and white logo pictured above that’s been in use for just shy of two decades will be no longer. “Even the advertising will change with products linked to lifestyle activities similar to what Nike does,” an undisclosed source added.

Out of curiosity, what would you say your current perception of Samsung is? Do you think a rebranding is the right move to make? Leave some comments below.

[via ChannelNews]

  • I can imagine right now what the logo will be. 
    A bitten apple, but rounder, with no lettering. After all, that Cupertino company didnt invent fruit have they?

  • Luis Cuyares

     I’ve never seen them as an “Asian brand”. Anyhow, they are an Asian brand, what’s wrong with that?

  • I find it interesting and somewhat puzzling that they would rebrand themselves after such recent success with the Galaxy SII and SIII. While I’m sure they must have some market research to back up their claim that consumers view them as “too Asian” worldwide, I agree with you – I certainly never thought of them that way. And, I too, don’t see anything wrong with being an “Asian brand” – Toyota and Honda are as well, and they’re doing just fine.

  • R.A.S

    Their logo isn’t the most iconic or beautiful. It would be nice to see a logo that match their devices.

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